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Say Hello



:star: S A Y H E L L O :star:


I always wonder why some people don't smile or don't say HELLO. or why some people try to hide themselves just for the sake of not saying HELLO to someone. It just a simple word, but a powerful one. If you say HELLO to someone you dont know will make us more unify. I don't know, I'm just a dreamer.


Have a Wonderful DAY


Languages Used:

English - Hello
Afrikaans - haai (hello) pronounced Ha-i
Arabic - السّلام عليكم (peace be upon you)
Albanian - Tungjatjeta pronounced To-ngyat-yeta
Armenian - barev or parev
Bengali — namaskar (In West Bengal, India)
Bulgarian - zdravei
Chinese - In both Cantonese and Mandarin, it is written as 你好.
Croatian - bok
Czech - ahoj
Danish - hej
Dutch - goedendag
Esperanto - saluton
Estonian - Tervist
Finnish - hyvää päivää
French - Bonjour
German - Guten Tag
Greek - γειά σου
Hawaiian - Aloha
Hebrew - shalom
Hungarian - jó napot
Icelandic - góðan dag
Indonesian - halo
Italian - buon giorno
Japanese - konnichi wa
Korean - 안녕하세요 (ahn nyeong ha se yo)
Lithuanian - laba diena
Norwegian - hei
Polish - cześć
Romanian - salut
Russian - привет (privet)
Slovenian - živjo
Spanish - Hola
Turkey - merhaba selam
Ukranian - "вітаю" (Vitayu)
Brazillian Portugese: Olá
Austria: Grüß Gott
Tagalog: Mabuhay

:star: :bulletblue:Request Your Language:
Yes, if you want me to ADD your Language; Just Let me know by Leaving a Comment.

Last Update: 6/3/10 7:58am Pacific Time [PCT]

Next Update Upgrades:

-Hindi = namaskar
-Hungarian = szia (common)

Facts about this work:
Stuff you might want to know

:bulletblue: It took me 2 Days [ One day Researching & Sketching and the other day working on it ]

:bulletblue: You might want to know why I do this kind of animations where I use may different languages. I do it because I want to give a Message to everyone and as I experienced before coming to the states I didnt understand ENGLISH and by using other language I want to let everyone to see what I'm trying to say. and I also love researching Language; I want a Lenguistic Degree.

:bulletblue: 166 Independent Layers in PHOTOSHOP,.
Animated in Photoshop.

:bulletblue: All my Fonts were obtained in DaFont.COM you should check it out.



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