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Love your life.

Thank to the Stock!!! </b>
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Tree + Land by Sarej [link]
Earth by barunpatro [link]

From: Deviant Art


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Beautiful. If I buy this print can I use it for commercial use. I make bead patterns from images I make and photographs I take. This is beautiful.
WaywardDemon's avatar
wow that is amazing how did you do it o,o ?
DusterAmaranth's avatar
Its just photoshop and imagination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WaywardDemon's avatar
wow realy ...well congratz ^w^ keep up the good work
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djgaru's avatar
hey man i want this flyer for a underground private use for a flyer if i give the credits u let me use ? its party in a farm eletronic music ! thanks from brazil
DusterAmaranth's avatar
Aslong as you credit me.. and please take a picture of the flyer so i can see it :hug: best regards
KristinaToxicpanda's avatar
Is there a world like this? If there is im moving in :D
Great job,i looove your gallery :love: i will watch you^^
DusterAmaranth's avatar
of course theres a world like that... its in my dreams. You are welcome to come anytime :giggle:
**ok that was weird** :giggle:.. t
thank you
gibina4ever's avatar
This is the most beautiful pic at a horse I have ever see:heart:_:heart:
And the horse is freaky beautiful:love:
DusterAmaranth's avatar
Thank you :faint: :tears: that is so nice!
gibina4ever's avatar
No problem^^
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insomatic-studios's avatar
awesome! it reminds me of the lovely bones movie!
DusterAmaranth's avatar
Thank you friend, that is so nice.
then its good, that was a good movie! LOVELY graphic art
insomatic-studios's avatar
yes,i love that movie too :D
Rinek-chan's avatar
This looks so fantastic! I love it <3
djgaru's avatar
how can i buy this image ? i would like to use it as flyer of party in the midle of nature. is it can be done? my msn is thanks !
sky dj_garu
Pancakes156's avatar
Wow, I love this! It looks amazing.
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