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Dream for Free

<div align="center">:star: Dream for Free :star:


The Fox____ *Momotte2stocks
The Butterflies____ *Shoofly-Stock
The Cloud Brushes____ ~JavierZhX
The Textures____ `Princess-of-Shadows ~bashcorpo
The Hole in the Hill____ ~Elleth-stock
The World__ Barunpatro's__sxc__
The Tree__ Robson Oliveira __sxc__
:heart: Thank you! :heart:

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Wonderful creation. And thought provoking - so many interpretations!
LonelyTear-T-T's avatar
I love this one. Reminds me souch of an island in a dream where me and my dream characters reside..
An island floating in the sky, with worlds passing by it.. To dream... Is to be free...
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Waaah big butterfliealiens, where is my shotgun?
*sry kidding*
wonderful ^^
Nikola096's avatar
Aww amazing work  :D 
DusterAmaranth's avatar
This is beautiful! and Wonderful and I love it!!!!!! nice work....
Gynawolf's avatar
wow... I love this!
it looks so colourful and...ohh...just everything is beautiful! It makes me want to be there ^^
really good job in this,I fave =D
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Eligia's avatar
So wonderful & colorful
Gaaras-my-Hubbie's avatar
Aww that's beautiful :iconchuuplz:
imadrinkyersoda's avatar
neat! I love your work!
SB-Trilogies's avatar
Simply beautiful! :star:
UncolaMan's avatar
Really needs to be Downloaded at full size to be appreciated. Very good job incorporating various imagery into a whole piece. Everything connects seamlessly except maybe the hugeness of the butterflies, and it's a dream, so that's covered.

So, did you create the grassy hillside? It doesn't seem to be credited

The planet Earth, emerging from the clouds up in the sky, detracts from the rest of the picture. It draws the eye and makes the surreal images of the butterflies seem less fantastic and wondrous by comparison. Also, the planet is very clear and in focus, suggesting that that will be the next place we'd be going. It's kind of sad because the hillside looks like a place I'd like to linger on.

A "real-life" image can mean different things to different people. Dreams are wonderful things, but are also extremely personal. Is this your dream? The fox's dream? A god's? Someone else's? The identity of the dreamer is one of the most important elements and it's missing.

This is truly a beautiful scene; I'm sorry if this seems too critical.

Thanks for the llama, by the way.
UncolaMan's avatar
"Point"! I meant, "Thanks for the point."
Wolf-lover--Soulfire's avatar
This is beautiful o.o
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Lolliman's avatar
I can´t discribe how beautyful it is....
You are genius!
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