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Copyright Tutorial with Action

:star: CopyRight Watermark Tutorial and Action :star:

To Get my Action and the Tutorial togehter to your Computer Go Here >>>>> [link]

The Tutorial Will explain you HOW to Use Actions and Especially the One I did and Also will teach you how to modify the Action to incorporate it to your Deviation Size and the Place where you want it.

:star: HOPE IT HELPS this is My First Tutorial !! HOPE You Like how I did it and the LOOK I give it hehehe and REMEMBER I am a English Learner :D WELL YEAH I AM ! so I might Have somee Universal Language Errors :blushes: :star:

:hug: Hope it helps :hug:
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shadowbob19's avatar
this really help me and thank you for this tutorial with action its really good
Ahmedqatar's avatar
:clap: thank you for sharing !
blooddrunkwolf's avatar
You have no idea how this tutorial helped me!
Thank you for doing it, is to be congratulated.
DusterAmaranth's avatar
:) Youwelcome my friend :hug:
swordmaster007's avatar
That is really neat.
DusterAmaranth's avatar
you are really sweet friend :hug:
TheTine's avatar
that's cool! but i don't have i photoshop so i can't do it. T_T
DusterAmaranth's avatar
Awwww thanks for commenting tho :hug:
TheTine's avatar
you're welcome!
RazielShadowchild's avatar
Nicely done Duster. I'm pretty good with photoshop myself, but I've never gone ahead and tried to do a copyright watermark. I'll be sure to keep this in mind when I decide to do one!
DusterAmaranth's avatar
thank you friend.. thatis really kind of you!
fantasypanther's avatar
damn, I got a Mac and this process doesn't work
DusterAmaranth's avatar
a MAC omg!! that coputer is so hard
I have an art class and we print from a MAC computer
and I was the last one and nobody was there and it took me ages to print ! hehehe :blushes: windows is esier I guess
for noobs! MAC is for PRO people :D
fantasypanther's avatar
I have never used anything but a mac, so I guess you could call me a pro :w00t:
Enskie's avatar
Good job on the tutorial, I'm not in the habit of watermarking my works, mainly because nobody would bother taking them. Nonetheless, I found this tutorial useful and I'll be favouriting it for possible later use and reference.
DusterAmaranth's avatar
hehehe okayy !!! thank you for the faveee!
Vicodin-Dreams's avatar

Fun and useful to know.
DusterAmaranth's avatar
Vicodin-Dreams's avatar
jinx-black's avatar
though watermarks are very easy to remove this is good for other uses.
DusterAmaranth's avatar
hehehe I hope it is :D
Homsar88's avatar
Great tutorial!
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