Deviation Actions

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Copyright Action and Tutorial

:star: CopyRight Watermark Tutorial and Action :star:

The Zip Includes the:

CopyRight Action
CopyRight Tutorial

The CopyRight Action, Will Help you Achieve a Professional Look in your Work and Also Protect it from the Art Thefts.

The Tutorial Will explain you HOW to Use Actions and Especially the One I did and Also will teach you how to modify the Action to incorporate it to your Deviation Size and Place.

:star: HOPE IT HELPS this is My First Tutorial !! HOPE You Like how I did it and the LOOK I give it hehehe and REMEMBER I am a English Learner :D WELL YEAH I AM ! so I might Have somee Universal Language Errors :blushes: :star:

:hug: Hope it helps :hug:

The Sheep
w w w . s x c . h u
© 2008 - 2021 DusterAmaranth
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thank you so much !
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Very useful. Thank you for posting.
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This is what I need! Thank You!

Here's my work [link]
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absolutely lovely and awesome work. love the colours
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Thank you my friend :hug:
DusterAmaranth's avatar
Thank you so much :hug:
swordmaster007's avatar
Your very welcome. :D
wingsail's avatar
Thank you for this - its going to see a lot of use
DusterAmaranth's avatar
hoope it does my friend :hug:
DusterAmaranth's avatar
:hug: thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!
for the feature in this !
DID you feature the ACTION & THE tutorial :)
because this is an action and a tutorial xD
this is the deviation [link]

hehe thanks friend
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As uno pero nada mas de action! para ver la differencia :D
DusterAmaranth's avatar
como ke nomas de accion!!! viene siendo lo mismo no cres
nomas ke sin el tutorial :O
livyer's avatar
Esque como que todavia nose muy bien que son las acction jaja pero bueno le voy a buscar :D gracias :D :hug:
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Hey, don't worry about your language problem! I'm sure people will understand what you mean anyway :D
DusterAmaranth's avatar
I hope soo :D
hope you understand
Kit-Sune's avatar
Oh don't worry!
I have friends who speak broken english, and its easy for me to understand them! :D :hug:
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Dumb question, but how do I get the .zip file/folder? ^^;
DusterAmaranth's avatar
somebody already answer it !! sorry for not being here on time to Answer it myself :blushes:
NikolitaNiko's avatar
It's fine. :D No worries!
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Just click download and it will download the file onto ur computer!! :) Hope that helps.
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