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Copyright Action

:star: Copyright Action :star:

:police: This is ONLY the COPYRIGHT ACTION :police: Read the Tutorial if you Have Trouble in How to Adjust it to your Art :police:

:below: Photoshop Action & Tutorial >>>[link]
:below: Read the Tutorial >>>>>>>>>>[link]

Example Picture Deviation >>>>>>> [link]

:star:_____________FREE TO USEE!!!______________:star:
:star:_____________Protect Your Work______________:star:

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Looks like a great action.  Will give full review after first use.  Thanks
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Thank You Appreciated :)
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Awesome thanks
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pretty I downloaded
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May I please use this on "Stop False Copyright?"

A lot of us on the web are having trouble with a group called "Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society" ( and before you tell me that's just a general term, its not. its a group with the same name as the general term.

"It's NOT a full-on copyright claim - its a claim for performance royalties by some of the Collecting Rights Societies, PRS, ASCAP, SABAM etc...." and " they have claimed copyright on a videogame video. As far as I know, this group was not involved in the videogame's development.

They also claimed videos of people playing the piano and a not-so-known band playing their own music. What's more, they claimed one of Bach's classical music. And as far as I know, Bach's music is in the public domain according to the US copyright law."

This one I found the most interesting: "I honestly have no idea how these guys can make a match to FIVE of my videos. I produced them myself, and the only third-party content that maybe I might have belongs to WMG, and they're not saying anything about my videos. I know for certain that neither "CS" or some "Music Publishing Rights Collecting Agency" has any more rights to my video than I do."

We would all appreciate it if "Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society" would stop making false copyright claims on other people's work.
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this is really good I love this its makes the picture look alot better
its really good the picture and what you did with the copyright
thank you very much~
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no Thank you so much! :hug:
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Just what I needed! thanks:)
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Youwelcome my friend :hug:
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Do I have to credit you everytime I use it? Cause I'm gonna be using it in all of my deviations. Lol. :) Thank you for this, btw. :hug:
DusterAmaranth's avatar
I would say Yes,
but Like I do in photomanipulations
I have to credit everything!! and it gets kinda boring!
so Im saying now :giggle:
only in the ones you want :pray:
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Thank you my friend :heart:
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Like what you did with the text.
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Great! Thanks for this.
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youwelcomee hope you use it!
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