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Test 30Sniper

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lmao. I was about to ask if you had anything to do with Deus Ex, then I checked your profile. Very distinctive and amazing art style you have.
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Half life 3 confirmed!
Wonderful! I love the organic/mechanic contrast; nicely done.
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Zero? The 'ell are doin' here?!?
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You should be an digital artist for bungie game developers. This is right up their ally, it looks phenomenal. What program did you use to create it and I am assuming you used some sort of digital drawing pad?
Vest doesn't really match the face here, but it looks pretty good nonetheless.  I like.  :D
  • HSGI Wasatch Chest Rig
  • MOLLE mount Blackhawk SERPA for Sig 226 (in the pic he's using a belt panel, but that wouldn't work)
  • Generic Small Vertical GP Pouch
  • Generic Double M4 Mag Pouch
  • Blackhawk STRIKE Small Radio Pouch
  • Foldable Dump Pouch (folded in pic, under arm)
Not super accurately drawn, but pretty cool nontheless. 
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This guy does better artwork in his lunch time than in 90%people's entire lives.
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Old snake in the middle east?
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Lol, why not ? :D
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Hohoho yes, ok ! I see now what do you mean. ;)
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Haha, yes my friend.
Good job though man, really inspiring.
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i wish there was a scifi mmo with these designs..  all your helmet designs would be awesome in it
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This is really cool. Where do you get your ideas from?
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I love your work, but I think these last pieces have been some really great stuff. Good work.
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your schtuff is so awesome..makes me want to make a movie with those costumes.....
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Impressive... If ever you become a military contractor, I'll look to you for designs.
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