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Spider-Man SD 2010_suite_17

Hi !
This is a concept-art I made for the video game : Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions® (Beenox-Activision-Marvel).

I hope you will enjoy it. :)
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Ultimate Spidey's eyes creep me out...I LOVE IT!!!


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Deadpool- HA! U blinked! I get yer dessert!
Spidey- how the hell can u tell?
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I really like the way you formed the eyes of spiderman.
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awesome art pic ang awesome game
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Whats wit the skull and bones in the back ground. Just curious...
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ITS PAIN FACTOR, man....that was a symbol in Spidey SD
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This rocks man! Excellent work. [link]
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Ultimate Deadpool's design was really interesting, although I feel they kind of miss the point of the character.
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Deadpool FTW !!
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dude where have you been. i miss your work. you da isht man.
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