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Spider-Man SD 2010_Wallpaper

This is the concept-art I created for the 6th floor of Beenox. It will be also use to promote the game on
The lauching will be the 7th september 2010.
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Loved this game. Has four of my favorite Spider-Men.
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Amazing :o. Shattered Dimensions is one of my favorite Spidey games, I hope there's one like it in the future.
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I know nothing about Beenox but I do know that this is a GREAT piece of art!
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This is so cool I am going to have this as a profile favorite.
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There should be a Daredevil version of this
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Wow, amazing motion and action in this!
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You're one of the concept artist of the game or... ? :?
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Yep, I was. It was a cool experience.
I still working for Beenox on an other Spider-man video game project. :)
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What exactly did you do for the game? :)
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Wow, a lot things after all. I got some concepts from the game in my gallery (I gonna put some more in a few days). Unfortunatelly, Marvel and Activision had restricted a lot of the permissions to show many works from the game. It's a shame I know. :(

PS : sorry for my english, I'm french. :p
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So you draw preliminary sketches of things that are later on made digital? :) Damn! :D
Pas de problem, nous pouvons continuer en français, si tu veux. ;) J'exercerai le mien en même temps!
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That's it. I use to work directly with the artistic lead to create some concept-arts and then we submit them to Activision and Marvel.
Une fois que les concepts sont acceptés, ils sont modélisés, animés... c'est un vrai travail d'équipe. :)
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Oh! :o Et où fais-tu tes dessins? Je pensais que les artistes qui travaillent sur le design des jeux videos, allaient chaque jour dans le bâtiment de... Activision, par exemple. :(
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Hahaha, non. Activision est un éditeur de jeu et non un développeur. Activision fait travailler plusieurs studios dans le monde dont Beenox à Québec. :)
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awsome picture, awsome game!!
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You made this? This is amazing!!!!!! :D
Wow, my comment isn't doing this picture justice!
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Oh my god. It is YOU. I am in shock and awe right now. I didn't expect to find YOU here on DA. Thank you for posting your work here. I LOVED your work on Shattered Dimensions! You did all variations of Spider-Man justice. I am very impressed and can't help but admire the work you put into this project. You should be proud to be a part of one of THE BEST SPIDER-MAN GAMES EVER. And also, I must tell you that this piece you made, is my favorite out of your Spider-Man works. Each Spider-Man has brought a different feel, a different art style and movement, and yet, you managed to portray EACH of them PERFECTLY. Bravo. Bravo my friend. I tip my hat to you. I hope you get to work on more Spidey projects in the future. Your work is certainly TOP NOTCH.
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Great game and brilliant art ;)

The poses fit each Spidey perfectly :D
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Very nice piece. Wouldnt mind having this as a mural on my wall
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