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Spawn fanart.

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-futuristic gear and aesthetic

Spawn, former greater demon of Khorne and now servant to Malal.
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Better than the original. I'm dead serious
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Damn, that's some fine work. Could also be confused with Venom
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looks like a badass!!
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SoulSuckingGinger's avatar
At first glance, I thought it was Venom
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Spawn has never looked more visceral.
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excellent!!!!!!!!!:o (Eek) 
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Badass!! Death 
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I would love to see more art pieces of this particular spawn look, thank you
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This one is so fucken cool. I freaking love Spawn.
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So fucking badass. I love this! 
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Man this is just beautiful. Loved it, and keep brushing.
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This is amazing.  Does Spawn look like this now?  It makes me want to see what has been going on in the comic series.
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That pose, and expression just screams 'sup bitches'
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you took spawn`s design and reconstructed it into an assassin like killing machine and it looks awesome
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Oh my god, awesome!
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