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Moscow 2029

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Published: August 3, 2016
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Moscow 2029. Marketing image I made for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.
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OasisD12Hobbyist General Artist
Роботы за щитоносцами 10/10
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LoN3WolF396Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I heard a lot of the stupid things people have been saying about this piece. Don't listen to those ignorant fucks, this is beautiful work. Really captures the struggle in the game!

Keep up the good work! 
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TumultOfZenStudent Traditional Artist
Hey, I hope you aren't catching too much flak for this. This is a good painting, regardless of whatever politics people are getting offended (why would you care) over. But keep doing what you do!
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Nice art. Though I'm Russian, I enjoyed the art itself as a painting. The only question is - why the protest is in English) You may just try google. Finally you've managed to make police to be Полиция)
 And yes, not enough time to make such buildings. The building is a planned thing, the arkitechture is coordinated with the authorities and planned up to 30-s or 40-s. And I believe, the plans are publicly available. I'd just call this Moscow of 2129)
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Atis1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
haha yes, quite designy and unrealistic, even if it looks awesome
- and sure these futuristic buildings are going to disappear, because DX1 (which takes place in 2052) didn't have such futuristic locations
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Are you planning on making Berlin
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"None life is matter" - Welcome to Russia.
Why? Reminding is on the background - God decide all, we are dust.
And second reminding - NONE can build higher than Kremlin.
No sci-fi excuses. Not even in a 100 years.
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Um, you do know that Moscow has quite a lot of skyscrapers, including the highest building in Europe, right? 
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I now, that you can't build something higher than marker of this scale, next to it.
So all the high building somewhere far away from it. Same works for Eiffel tower, for example.
But you do now, that Red square always closed for the crap like this?
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Of course I know, I live there, for god's sake. But Moscow-City, that was recently built, even though it is located quite far from Kremlin, still can be seen with ease, because the centre of the city lacks any high buildings for the purpose of saving the historical view, or what remains of it.
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baffledbearHobbyist General Artist
Astro what  That is less than thirteen years.
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Is OMON preventing a fight between two groups of migrants from English-speaking countries?
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hunterN05Hobbyist General Artist
Those buildings in the background are... puzzlin and disturbing...
Office buildings? Or...

Nice job.
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AlexZebolHobbyist Digital Artist
That is nicely done, comrade!
But... what are those strange buildings? I doubt, that anyone will aver build something gigantic like this close to the Red Square.
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BeignetBisonProfessional Digital Artist
This is why the is so few "babiru". You're were working on Deus Ex.
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1VestinaHobbyist Digital Artist
Это антиправительственное восстание? ) Против пакета Яровой?
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Нет, тут хуже.
В 2029 году случилось ужасное - произошёл раскол в рядах последователей самой демократической идеологии, Щаранкизма-Хайкинизма.
Причиной, вероятно, стало их отношение к кибернетизации. А поскольку в уставе Креативной Партии Свободы Совести указано, что все требования демонстрации должны, в первую очередь, быть адресованы иностранным журналистам, то обе стороны держат плакаты на английском.
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GureruchanHobbyist Digital Artist
за Яровую респект хд
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I wouldn't put it past the Russians to have a problem with augmented people.
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Godzilla4545Hobbyist General Artist
I love this image, the detail in it and it shows the basics of the story of Deus Ex. The "Pure humans" against the  "Augs".
Honestly, I don't understand the hate for the "Augs Lives Matters" banner, from what I'm thinking it fits in well with the image, seeing as their protesting for their rights to live free in the world.
Anyways, absolutely love the image, the details are amazing and the buildings and structures look amazing.
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