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Dreaming in mech: The art of Nivanh Chanthara


Right now, I can feel the weight of more than 10 years of struggles in my hands. Thanks to Artstation, I'm proud to announce that you can now pre-order my artbook: Dreaming in Mech: The Art of Nivanh Chanthara (I love this title, lol), made by the great Brent Ashe and with forewords by 123KLAN, here:…

I don't have enough vocabulary to explain what I'm feeling right now but I can tell you this: it's huge. So, I would like to tell a thousand thank you to Leonard Teo, Kevin Strike, Daniel Wade for your patience and for the title, Stephanie Hayot, Sierra Mon, Chantal Roger, Megan Johnston, Scien, Klor and the 123Kids, Marie Neubauer and you, my Brent Ashe, and all the people at Artstation. You guys have no idea what Arstation and this artbook mean for my personal and professional lives.

Now I hope you guys will enjoy it.


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congratulations!! :D
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Totally going to order one on Amazon when it's released.  I've quietly enjoyed your work for years now without commenting.  Now, I'm just really excited to be able to own some of your works and be able to physically hold the book in my hands.  You make awesome mechanized characters and I'm very happy for you and all the work you've accomplished thus far.  Great job! :D
Unfortunately only available in North Amerika for preorder. :(
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i need this! but i live in Germany :/
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It will be available worldwide on Amazon on April. ;)
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Beautiful!!   Congratulations.
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Awesome! No brainer purchase. 
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I've never purchased an art book before but this is the most tempted I've been to get one! I'm a silent follower but your work is super rad, might treat myself and nab one c:
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Almost thought you got a collection of Death Stranding merch.
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Well done my friend you deserve it, will be looking to pick one up when I can!
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Nivanh, just so you know, all the links in the preorder article, aside from those leading to your and Brent's, are broken, at least on my end. I wanted to look at the books for the bundle, which I bet is were at least a few people will pick up the book, but there error out to blank pages.

Just thought you should know!
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Hey Rhytor,

Thank you very much for the heads up. I tested them and they are all working fine. I'm sorry they didn't for you.
Maybe you could try again from another computer?

Thank you again and have a good one!

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They're working now for me as well! Looks like it was just a fluke, or someone already patched the issue. Sorry to waste your time!
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This is marvelous news. Your art skills has required hard work, time and dedication and I am really happy to see this.
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Congratulations! You should be proud of this! 
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Congratulations! You should be proud of this! 
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10% discount to patreon members? XD nah man Ill buy this full when ready. 
manic-in-tricolour's avatar
Oh wow, this is exciting! I will definitely be getting this book the first chance I get; been following your work for years and this is a book I absolutely want to have on my shelf. Congrats on the publication of your first art book!
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Congratulations on the milestone !
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