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Just because I loved Tekkonkinkreet. ;)
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Excellent work ...
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Lovely!  Do you sell print?
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I saw this picture during a random image search, but I never knew who created it because I was at work and deviantart is blocked. But I'm glad I found this really amazing image again and the artist behind it.
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I'd love to buy a print of this too.
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very good work
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Really incredible
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Omg this is almost the rickety, cobbled together tower that has inhabited my dreams since I was a child. Perhaps you could draw it if I gave further info?
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ive seen tekkonkinkreet 3 times and only now i discovered the name XD
i had a disk without anything written and was that movie :B such a cool movie
Feels like a breath of fresh air. Beautiful
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oh btw i love tekkonkinkreet too :D
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i like this kind of drawings :D
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So much character! beautiful, and nice use of corner buildings!
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It's like a dream!
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So beautiful approach to ugliness. Damn, imagine the stairs!, imagine the smell of fish, fat, and humidity, imagine the end of the pipes. Hehe, i believe the penthouse is more like an urban dungeon. Thanks.
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