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Aerial attack.

By duster132
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Painted with Photoshop.
I hope you will enjoy it. ;)
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WOW! this is awesome...
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uuuuu :) shotgun amunition in minigun :P crazy powerfull weapon :D and nice work mate :P
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Holy cow! Please teach me to PhotoShop! >o<
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incredible dude. very inspirational.
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I love the way you've given the armour on the unit in the foreground an almost organic feel to it.
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cybernetic brutality. nice.
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Enjoy it?! Do I EVER!!! :D
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AUGH CLAWSSS. I love this, such vivid color! Great poses and level of detail too.
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This is astounding in every possible way. The colors, the composition, the poses, and all the little details are truly fantastic. Well done!
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Wow ! Just amazing !!!! xD
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hope we enjoy? thats nothing but PURE WIN! both thumbs up my friend : D
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Mortel ! mention spéciale pour les douilles :)
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great scene!
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as always Ill work man...
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i am looking for some cool eye-catching totally original artwork to represent the concept of a song called "Time Machine", so as to include this image in the cd album artwork, to be released as soon as the album is mastered and I have a suitable image.
the song is about people getting back together to return to a moment in their pasts that they may regret and wish to return to in order to proceed from that moment again to the future they should've and always long could be possible to have.
anyone willing to take up this artisitc challenge, please get in touch with their idea. the chosen image will be icluded and credited on the album


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Sorry, I don't work for free. ;)
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totally badass. the scene is filled with movement and excitement.
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so good dude!!
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Great "camera" angle! Good sense of action and flow! Really dig it a lot!
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How many time for that?
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