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Or Velociraptor gypaetus, because it's made with a Gypaetus barbatus photograph. Really funny to do!
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Bearded Vultures totally look like good ol' prehistoric raptors. Stellar 'shop job!
This is the best depiction of Dromaeosaur feathers that I have ever seen.  Congratulations on capturing the scientific evidence and our imagination!
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Hey I finally found the original creator of this... This has been on and off again my profile pic on Facebook, lol. No clue who'd made it until now. For Christmastime, I photoshopped a santa hat on it. Again, had no clue it was yours until now. Glad I found out. Love your picture!
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The lagermeier raptor, yes, it's me, a long time ago. My hairs are like his feathers now. ;)
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So amazing, that Velociraptor.
He looks really like a bird.
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Really well done. I couldn't tell it was a manip from the thumbnail, I thought it was a model taken at a park or something. Even full sized it's  really impressive piece. Amazing job!!
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Beautiful creature. This makes it look like the real animal it was, not just some movie monster.
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Turns out Velociraptor looked rather cute and cuddly.
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Man this is the most awesome photo manipulation of a feathered dinosaur that I ever saw! Really amazing.
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I found it on google a long time ago ! I'm happy to re find it here, on his author gallery ! :D
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This is probably one of the best physical sculptures of V. Mongoliensis. You even made the feathers spread down the jaw, an aspect many people ignore.
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This is by far the most realistic photomanipolation of YoursYours
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amazing! one of THE most accurate restoration of the velociraptor i have ever seen! who said feathered dinosaurs are ugly?
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A Lammergeier version of a Velociraptor?
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That curve in the right bottom corner is its wing or its back?
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This fella looks like you saw him in real life and took a shot of him.  It is amazing at what one can do with photo manipulation! 
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Not sure if paleo art... or just photograph of cloned Velociraptor.
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Very impressive!!! I had to do a doubt take....:wow:
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You should do a whole body shot of one of those guys :D
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