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Variraptor mechinorum-detail

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Very well drawn, but I'm afraid the raptor's eye is in the wrong place. It should be lower on the skull (in fact, I beleive that depresion outlined in white on you picture would be the eye-socket, though I'm not sure).
That is the anteorbital fenestra.
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Yea, well I think this is part of one the best works I`ve ever seen done by you (this and Allosaurus/Stegosaurus scene) And I CAN`T UNDERSTAND why it got ONLY honor-mention in Lourinha 2003... :pissedoff:
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Well, thanks Tuomas Friend. I was desapointed by the results but I don't care. I will not participate to the other editions. The worst for me was to be honoured mention aside a crap green dino thing coming from nowhere. Did you see that thing?
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The one by Irena Dimitr... what ever? Yea, I too thought it was awful! I`m sorry to hear that u won`t be participating anymore. And I owe u thanks for that you told me about the Lourinha-contests in the first place.
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That's great. Just fantastic.
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I love this one, did when I saw it on your site. The only problem I have is that it fits in too well with the background, and the back and foreground seem to be too "flat" so at first glance it's hard to make out what's going on. Still, love the colors and the textures.
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Thanks Orbyss, and you're entirely right, I need to improve my compositions. The full scene is a bit confused by details at each plan.

But I prefer those predators hidden and furtive than flashy funkydelic. ;)
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Tout le plaisir est pour moi monsieur.
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T. T. T. TT. C'm'on, dromey, c'm'on! C'm'on here to Dad Aspidel!!! =D
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Too beautiful. Very nice. I love the colors, and the face is so expressive.
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too cute. SQUEEZE HIM.
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