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Triceratops studies and sketches

A little selection of the dozens needed to find the good composition.
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the mighty triceratops in all its glory!
ohh i love the way you drew the sketches...
pros like you should be given ten thumbs up!!!
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Excellent! Such a classic motif, I love it. I really like the pattern on the Triceratops! And the baby is just cute.
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I love the progression
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The question is:

Is it really triceratops, or actually torosaurus?
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That's really cool!
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Sketches? These? Really? You got to be kidding me...
They're bloody gorgeous. Always amazed by your style. :)
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Love the patterns on them.
What kind of pterosaur is that in the background? Many thanks in advance.
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Didn't they decide that the Triceratops was just an immature form of another ceratopsian? A Torosaurus, I believe. Or did they just rename the Torosaurus to Triceratops?
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"In 2010, research on dinosaur ontogeny (growth and development of individuals over the life span) concluded that Torosaurus may not represent a distinct genus at all, but a mature form of Triceratops."

It's not that they found Triceratops to be Torosaurus, but the other way around, apparently... o:
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Oh, hah. Guess they decided that removing the name Triceratops from the annals would involve a lot more backlash than just renaming a relative unknown like Torosaurus.
KattoTang's avatar
Guess so. I guess if it's the same animal anyway, it doesn't really matter either. o:
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I think Triceratops and Torosaurus being the same is a load of bull.
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for one thing, Triceratops is larger than Torosaurus, so I can't approve of the theory of Torosaurus bein a mature trike. Also, Triceratops's frill is heavier and wider than Torosaurus's.
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Nice to see how this developed, Alain.
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This is great paleoart! Keep up the good work! :)
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Stop! I cannot take it! Your sketches exhibit excellent skill. Good work!
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I LOVET !!! why don't you make your own tutorial?
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