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Longisquama confusus

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BatterymasterStudent General Artist
So that's the story behind those crazy ass scales.
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TrilobiteCannibalHobbyist Traditional Artist
What if they were used for camouflage. I know that's not the  point of the picture, but it seems kinda plausible, at least more so than it as a bird ancestor of birds, or pterosaurs
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pilsatorHobbyist Traditional Artist
Speculative yet likely. Certainly more so than its interpretation as a protobird because it's ABSRD.
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Hah, very clever.
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haha. Maybe
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I dunno, the back-thingies never looked too leafish, for lack of a better term, and if it was a fern, wouldn't the stem or some other part have stuck out from under the lizard beyond these fronds?
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That's an interesting concept regarding a possible purpose for the growths on Longisquama's back, even if it wasn't intended that way - if a predator got too close, Longisquama could flatten the growths out to serve as camouflage against the leaves...
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That's not the purpose of the picture. dustdevil is just trying to show that the frond-like growths of Longisquama might actually just be fern fronds that got preserved with the animal.
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Dr-XIII Digital Artist
THAT'S what I thought.
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ScottHartmanProfessional Digital Artist
Well done, and quite probably IMO.
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I never thought of that haha, great idea!
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Couldn´t agree more.

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EurwentalaProfessional General Artist
This is what I think has happened.

Longisquama just is a very unlikely critter to have actually had feathers...
I like the drawing too. :)
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olofmoleman Digital Artist
Nice idea, I like it.
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AFAIK, the plant-like growths have been found independently of the Longisquama fossil, so not just maybe, but possibly.
Piatnitskysaurus's avatar
I think Paleoecology could answer that question, we need to see if there's any plants from there that resemble it.
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RaptorArtsProfessional Artisan Crafter
Hmmm interesting idea. Who knows..
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UlfsarkHobbyist Traditional Artist
hum... maybe...

I was thinking of making one of those ...

very nice work!

have a happy new year! ;)
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DR-StudiosProfessional General Artist
VERY likely. Very likely.
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