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Incoming swimming object!

Prehistoric sharks book nearly finished!!!! Release on september in France. :) More than a hundred of originals artworks. THE book about shark evolution for your library. :)
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I think we have found 1 of boomstick's favourite sharks: the rattlesnake like chainsaw shark, due to the way the bigger the chainsaw tooth like feature underneath the jaw, the older it is
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Is there a version of this in English?
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Not for the moment. I'm still waiting for an english publisher...
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I couldn't find the link to buy on paleospot...:(
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Amazon is the place to buy. But in french only...
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très beau travail, félicitation,
et le fil de discutions et très intéressant
vite une librairie !!
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C'est drôle qu'il y ait un Helicoprion sur la couverture alors que c'est un Holocéphale, mais bon, ça reste un Chondrichthyien. Je pense que je pourrai acheter ce bouquin si jamais je le trouve en magasin. :)
September in France? :(

Looks interesting but too far out of reach.
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Available online for anyone anywhere. :)
I can't understand French though. If the English translation is going to take a while, I better start learning now. Translators will not do the book justice. :P
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wow but I cant belive its eating my fav dinosaur :( :(
That isn't a dinosaur that's an ammonite
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i dont care i know waht it is i just call it one to keep consistincy if i were to put it in the real catagory id say primitive invertebrae!!!!!!!!!!!
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But why call it a dinosaur when it clearly isn't?
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because i can C:
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Well it just seems ignorant or stupid (not saying you are, that's just how it seems).
It's like calling a Polar bear a alligator.
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i call it a dinosaur because i did when i was little and found a fossil of it, i only call it a dinosaur for personal reasons
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I get that, but still.
You can call it whatever you want, but you can't get angry when someone points out its actual name.
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Ce requi me fascine... Cette espèce de scie circulaire en guise de machoire...
Encore un petit livre qui finira chez moi ça :D
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With Gilles! Congratulations!
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Merci! Sent to the printers today! I'm freeee.... to do a new book about something elese. ;)
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Crocodylomorphs please! :)
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