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Really love the soft, inquisitive look in this little critter's eyes. Nice work.
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le fameux nouveau
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this is really kool love the detail :D love this new little critter great discovery in 2011
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So this is more derived as a theropod whereas Eoraptor is more sauropod? Blimey. I would have never believed in a million years. What is Herrerasaurus then?

And why was Guaibasaurus included in saturnalinae or whatever they call those now?(Panphagia, Chromogisaurus, Saturnalia, etc)
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probably similiar to Eodrameus or perhaps more towards Eoraptor, paleontologists are uncertain at this time of how to classify these creatures within the dinosaur family tree/tree of evolution.
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such an awesome guy :D
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Wow, that was fast :)
Just read the news this morning. Nice work!
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Really nice, and good job with the contrast !
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Cool critter, you did a pretty sweet job Dust.
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