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incredible painting
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Looks like it has the face of a Jellenheimer.
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Great !

One of my favourite Carboniferous creatures and one of the best image I've seen of it
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Beautiful work! :wow:
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Awww the legs are tiny! =D
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I`ve seen this in a book. too bad there`s no english version of it.
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An english version is in progress at indiana press, available on may 2012. :)
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I`m going to mark this in my calendar!
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That thing scares me. :ohnoes: Would not want to encounter it while swimming!
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it barely qualifys as a limbed creature look at those stumps(did u know they only lived in scotland!!!(loch ness monster anyone?))
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Technically not a tetrapod (it's a tetrapodomorph!) and certainly not a snake. By far the best restoration I've seen of this early limbed creature.
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I've never seen this unique amphibian brought to life so vividly before! Excellent!
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Isn't that the extinct legged snake they discovered recently? Cool beans.
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The transparency of the water makes this look very ethereal, like the Crassigyrinus is floating above ground in a forest or something.

Very Awesome!
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wow this dude is really cool! again love the attention to detail :D
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This is one of the uggliest creatures I've never seen!

Nice job!
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The one and only!
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It's so famous that I've never even heard of it!
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What's the name of the fish?
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Oh man, that thing's always terrified me!

Beautifully done though!
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Once again a beautiful work of art! Very nice! :D
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