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Chunerpeton tianyiensis

By dustdevil
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The oldest salamander. (Middle to late Jurassic, hundred specimen are known from China). All died in a lake covered by volcanic ash. Family, Cryptobranchidae, same family as the giant salamander Andrias japonicus.
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Always cool to see obscure prehistoric animals drawn!!
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Too cute! Love it! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go buy a salamander. 
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Excellent! I hope it enjoys its swim before the volcano blows its lid. :o
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very good job my friend!

that's great
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I love salamanders.
I love the background too.
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... This doesn't really look much like a Cryptobranchidae... it... looks more like a member Salamandridae.
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But I digress Nice work. ^^
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Same here. :D Looks more like the other family of Asiatic salamanders, the hynobiids. Its been bothering me lately that very few artists actually illustrate extinct cryptobranchids like the modern forms seeing as they are a group that has changed little since their evolution.
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That's not to say, how ever that it's a bad piece of artwork.
But yes, I must say I don't like how most extinct amphibians (including temnospondyls which I'm unsure if they're actually amphibians). It's unusual for me to find a picture of one I'm actually happy with.
BTW, did you ever hear about this?: [link]
It's not new news, but it was definitely interesting to make an understatement.

I must also say that my two favorite periods in earth's history are the Permian & the Carboniferous (the Cambrian was cool too, but there would be nothing on land to explore, seeing as nothing had moved onto land yet and I can't breath water).
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woww incredible texture of the acuatic enviroment!!
GReat job!
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There should be an "instant favourite" button so whenever you upload a piece of art, it gets automatically becomes a part of my favourites! :-D
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swim baby swim :)
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Oh wow, amazing work! :D
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