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Ceratosaurus family

Without fleshy things... ;)
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I think baby Ceratosaurus were bigger, maybe half the size of their parents head. Great painting!!!
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Other than the shrink-wrapping, I like it.
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This is the most beautiful drawing of an Ceratosaurus I've ever seen!! Added it to my favourites.
Suicunesrider's avatar
O_O that is amazing......
Deinowilly's avatar
What tecnique do you use in this drawing, what gamma of graphite did you use???
dustdevil's avatar
From 2H to 6B. And any kind of point, from "fusain" to fine point.
Snapdragoon's avatar
Aww! How cute. :aww:
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R-Eventide's avatar
Wow, NICE scale texture!!! *in awe*
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Lisa-AngelOfDarkness's avatar
Very cute. :) The detail of the scales of the adult is just magnificent.
Tomozaurus's avatar
Wow. That is so good. The skin textures on the animal are particularly special.
BlueRavenfire's avatar
*jawdraps* 80 pure awesomeness! great detail!
Indigirl's avatar
Oh my! This is exquisite work! Absolutely top-notch! Well done:clap:
RaptorArts's avatar
Awwwww thats cute! Love the detail :)
LadyKenora's avatar
Holy shit load of detail batman! nice pic!
Abiogenisis's avatar
This is one of the best Paleo illustrations I have ever seen. I wonder if some day I will have the patience to draw scales.
dustdevil's avatar
Scales are so boring and long to draw. This artwork was done before I bacame a father... Today such level of detail is impossible for me. And I'm not sure it's the best way to bring evocation. I try to draw differently today.
And man, I like your work very much!
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All those details kill me. It's amazing! From all those scales to the bark on thte tree to the background...

I'm speechless. All I can do is stare at it. :faint:
Calisius's avatar
i love this detailrichness . very very good work!!! one of the best i know! show us more ;) greetings lex
tuomaskoivurinne's avatar
One of your best, Alain :D
staticgirl's avatar
Very beautiful image. I'm sure I'm not supposed to go 'awwwww' but really!

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