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Arcovenator escotae

A new abelisaurid from south of France.
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I suppose this is the only one from the Abelisauridae family that's missing on 
Awesome drawing, by the way! Here, have a fav! XD
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Great picture! I want to see more about late Cretaceous Europe
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The paper describing it is in the press now.
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Il a une allure altière, ma parole ! :D
Toujours content de savoir que les découvertes continuent en France.
Très beau dessin comme toujours ! ;)
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Merci! et bienvenue sur DA. Au boulot! ;)
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Il n'y a pas de quoi ! :D et merci aussi. j'ai justement quelques dinos qui attendent dans le fourgon. ,)
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No info on it at all, it seems
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Très beau travail! :clap:
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Superbe dessin. :)
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Great picture! :D
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un autre dessin parfait :)
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Very cool, waiting for the paper...
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It has been published?
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Great drawing. Are we sure that Arcovenator isn't Tarascosaurus?
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I heard that Tarascosaurus is older than this one. But nothing official for the moment, so wait and see.
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Thanks for the news ;)
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