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Archaeopteryx lithographica

THE Solnhofen star. This picture is a part of a larger one in progress. I'll post it when finished.
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Almost skeletal markings on that head / neck...
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C'est le plus génial des Archaeopteryx que j'ai vu. Excellent travail. :thumbsup:
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I love your version of archaeopteryx! it really makes you realize that it was a small animal. the rest of the reconstructions somewhat make it look bigger than it actually way. This is very unique!
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What program was this made in, by chance?
It looks so realistic, its amazinggg
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Looks very awesome!! :D

(and adorable too~ X3)
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Your work is one of the best interpretations of the animal ever.

The A. lithographica been my object of study during 2 years of graduation.
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Thanks. The only thing I need to fix is about feathers on its legs. I will soon.
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That thing about the feathers in legs is a kind of nebulous for me, I really don´t think in feathers like Microraptor gui but like feathers in legs of some Hawks (Accpiter bicolor is a good example).

But I may be totally wrong rs rs
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iirc the thermopolis specimen (or another one) shows feather on the legs... I will search more about that.
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I love the light on the wings..!
many compliments
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Cute little bugger :)
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Wow! I'm a big dinosaur buff. This is beautiful. For a moment I couldn't tell how you did it. It looks like a photo. Beautiful detail.
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Oh, birdie! :love:

It looks like it's just had a bath with those fluffed out head/neck feathers.
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As always, remember that Solnhofen Archipelago was at least semi-arid. So the ecology would have been mainly conifer scrub, cycads, etc.

I hope that helps.
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I love it! Looks so realistic!
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Wow it looks real!
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It looks like a juvenile. Very cute!
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OOh il est superbe celui là :D
J'adore ses plumes, sa tête.. ses petites pattes... je l'adopterais bien :)
(en plus le jour de mon anniversaire.. Hmm)
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This is amazing, Again!!
And astounding attention to detail!!
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dinosaur-looking fella! :) Nice timing!
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