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2015 Art Summary BLANK


[2018 Blank available here!]

Already that time of year, huh?-- twelve months sure fly by! Hard to believe I've been posting a blank for this meme for five years now: the thought definitely makes someone feel old.

Download includes a PSD and a transparent PNG.

Feel free to let me know if you need any help with the template. Keep on improving, everyone!

When you're done, feel free to link your finished meme in the comments below. They're always really nice to see and share with everyone : D!

like last year and every i copypasted the tags because i'm lazy
Previous years: | 20112012 2013 | 2014 | 

For people that've never filled out a summary of art before:
In each of the boxes, paste in a piece you've drawn during that month. It provides a nice summary of the work you've done during the past year! You'll be able to track your improvement from the beginning to the end of the year.

Modify the template to your heart's content!
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Used here, thank you for making it <3

2021 Summary of Art- Read Desc
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2015 Art Summary by Lamp-P0st I went back and did this vs my 2018 2018 Art Summary by Lamp-P0st
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2015 Summary of Art (Meme) by MiniKirby100 I made my summary from 2015 XD
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Used it! Thanks a lot

2018 Art Summary by gabiiaba
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thank you so much!
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What a great idea! Thank you!
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He,he XD
Here mine: 2015 Art Summary by Zimoshi
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Accidentally used the wrong year but made one: Summary of Art 2016
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Thanks for the template! Here's mine Oops I commented on the 2015 one ;w;
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well, i've made a 2016 art summary, but i used this blank, so i'll post it here!
h e r e it goes
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I guess I have to do this again now it's nearly the end of 2016 haha... Thank you < 3
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*Slowly waits for 2016 one*
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I can't wait to see this years. ^^ Its going to be awsome! 
DustBunnyThumper's avatar Here you go - it's not much different, but I hope it's useful!
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