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2014 Summary of Art BLANK


[2018 Blank available here!]

It's December! (I usually post a blank for this--it's a little late this year, but I hope it'll make do!)

Download includes a PSD and a transparent PNG.

Drop a link to your finished meme in the comment if you get the chance! I'd like to see! Let me know if you have trouble downloading it or compiling it!
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Here it is even though it's three years late. =P 2014 Summary of Art
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And also 2014's..
Summary of CREATIVITY - 2014 by SpeedyDVV
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2014 Art summary of AndkeAnka by AndkeAnka  Changed it just a little. XD
Donakiko's avatar…
I dun goofed, but thanks anyway~ ^^
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Make a 2015 one please
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so, is this a calendar?
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Here's mine. (I'm so bad with dates lol)…
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And it wouldn't hurt for me to actually 'dice' it out for my 2015 months. I recolored it red btw.
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Thank you thank you O u O
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I did the thing o3o
thanks for doing this meme every year <3
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Thanks for making an awesome template. :)…
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Hey thank you for making this! I was late doing this but here's mine.…
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I finished mine!!! thanks!!
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