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2013 Art Summary BLANK


[2018 Blank available here!]

Guess what time it is....!

Almost December, so--time for posting this blank again with some changes (one of which includes the year at the top because haha it's not 2012 anymore hahahaha you guys) since I've got the files already!

Download includes a PSD and a transparent PNG.

Drop a link to your finished meme in the comment if you get the chance! I'd like to see!

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Hello! I finally filled up 2013's, heh.
Summary of CREATIVITY - 2013 by SpeedyDVV
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Used! Thanks for making, your box shapes are much easier to work with than the other summary blanks! d:…
Paleona's avatar…  
Thanks for the blank!  I changed the font and the bg color, but it was very useful having the grid and windows all set up. : )
Used here:
2013 Summary of Art by PEPPERTODE

Thank you very much! :la:
Brzozka7777's avatar… I had a lot of fun with this, thank you for cool meme!
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USED IT(Whoops did not see the link to your 2014 blank until right just now)(OH WELL)

thank you very much for making this I have fun doing these very year
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Thanks so much for the source! Happy new year <33…
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Thanks for this! My calendar wasn't filled up much, but here's the link!…
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Used. I didn't see '2013' so I just put a 4 XD…
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Used it here! I ended up using your 2013 one by accident xD, so I had to edit it slightly at the end, I hope that's okay! Thanks for the helpful meme! xx
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Used your template here: 2014 Summary of Art by irthepwn !
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