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2012 Art Summary BLANK


[2018 Blank available here!]

It's that time of year again, guys!

I just figured I'd post the same meme, since I have the blank file already--this one's a shameless duplicate of the 2011 version, except with some obvious change, including and limited to- well- the year at the top.

Sorry if someone's posted this already!

I really enjoyed looking at them all last year, so if you have the time, I'd love it if you'd link me so that I can SMOTHER MY FACE ALL OVER THEM! Drop a comment if you have some spare typing energy!

Download includes a PSD and a transparent PNG.
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2012 was the second violence year of the 2010s decade just kidding.
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used it here link
i hope its okay if i edited it for a bit such as the color and the font on top, but i did credit you in the description ;v;
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It's totally fine to edit the blank as much as you need to! It looks great though, you've gotten so good over just one year :D!
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Thank you, did it for this year! :3
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oh whoops, probably should've checked fancy new 2015 version pff…
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And that's three years down. Hope you're not getting tired of the notifications.. ^^;

2012 Summary of Art
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stormleafofriverclan.deviantar… (I took off the year because it wasn't an anual one, and I added a few boxes)
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Used it, thank you =)

Balade en 2014 by Neruall
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used it here…
i chage the year ><
thankyou :D
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Thanks for the template, I forgot to post my filled one, so here it is :3…
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I also used two other memes with this one but yeah.…
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Are you on planing to do a 2013 version?
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Yep! When December rolls around, I'll post a blank!
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Okay great, I'll be using it again :D Even if this year i changed my style & i didn't improved a lot, includes same face syndrome urghh //shots twice
DustBunnyThumper's avatar
Whoops, posted the 2013 blank!…

I feel a little bit the same way, but I think these are still really fun for seeing progression ////.
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