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Witch's Hat Tutorial

Here is a tutorial I wrote on how to make a Witch hat. I have made at least 4 different witch hats over my cosplay career and find this one the most comfortable to wear.

The images show a Paine hat being constructed that hat was worn by my siter Kitsunebaby [link] . Yuna's hat was created the same way, only it has a more complicated "cone" shape.

Hope you find it useful!
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Thanks for the help, it give me a good idea how to make my hat. :nod:
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What thickness of foam did you use? My craft store only sells sheets that are no bigger the 9in x 12in so will i have to order larger size sheets? And roughly how much fabric did you use?
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I got the regular 3mm foamies from Michales, who also sells them in a large roll. But you could probably use duct tape to tape together a few smaller pieces if you cannot find the large rolls. And less than a yard of fabric, I did not actually measure since I made it from scraps from a dress that I Submit Commentmade.
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Ahhh ok, I'll give that a shot!
I made it out of felt and used mod podge to make it stiff.
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this helped a lot i am gonna try and make a black one for my halloween!england cosplay! thx for the tutorial!
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Cool, I would love to see what you come up with!
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^^ i will be sure to take photos
I really like your tutorial. I am making a red mage costume (final fantacy) I wanted to do the vieras hat instead of the ugly hume hat. is there a way to get a curl in the top of the hat, like you see in a lot of which art?
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Yes, I was able to give a curl to my black mage Yuna's hat by altering the simple form some. Instead of cutting a single cone out of foamies, I cut a 3 different cones of different sizes and stacked them on top of each other. I made sure to glue them all together and then covered them in fabric just like in the tutorial. You just need to get creative with the shapes you choose, but you can still think in basics. Use the tutorial as a starting point.

Good luck!
thank you very much, you have been most helpful.
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