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Wing Tutorial

By dust-bunny
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There are a billion and one tutorials on how to make wings for cosplay out there, I based my wing construction off of Jia Jem's [link]

The difference being the shape of my wings, and the addition of color. Hope you find it useful.
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Wow! Thanks so much for this! I’m planning an Albedo cosplay and this was really helpful!!
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Thankyou so much for sharing.
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What kind of glue did you use?
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Just a hot glue gun.
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You're such a genius! XD i wish i found this earlier!
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how did you harness them? I've made several sets of wings but the harness is always my problem
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The ones in the picture were held in place by slipping into a slot that I cut in my breastplate. Since the breastplate was tight and sturdy it held the wings up. People do the same thing with corsets, by slipping the U part of the bend into their corset.

I made a second pair that was worn like a back pack held up by clear bra straps too. So there are a bunch of options!
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cool! ok thanks so much!
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Maybe you can help me. I gotta make small wings is white-pinkish color.. But now I bought light pink feathers and maybe they are a bit to pink... is there a way to get them lighter?
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Hey there, sorry for the late reply. Hope there is still time to help!

I colored my feathers using floral spray paint by "Design Master" that I bought in Michales Craft store. If you can find the paint in the right color you can lightly mist it over your feathers to hopefully get the right color.

If you have access to an airbrush you could use a light colored air brush paint with some fabric medium mixed in and do the same thing.

Good luck, hopefully that helps!
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Going to try this out. Thanks a bunch!
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Np. Let me know how it works out!
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I'll try to if I remember.
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How do you attach this to your back o_o?
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For this particular set, since I wore it with a breastplate, I created a metal loop and was able to slide the loop through a slot I made in the breastplate so the loop sat between my back and the breastplate.

Some people will create a corset with a slot in it and use the corset to hold up the wings in a similar way.

I made a pair of blue ones almost exactly like this and attached clear bra straps to the metal "U" - it is a "U" instead of a straight line because it helps the wings sit flat and not roll. The straps are worn like a backpack.
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What is the wire's gauge size that you used? :3 9, 10, 12, etc.
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I'm not quite sure off the top of my head. I used a thick one (about the thickness of a pencil) that way it was sturdy but I could still bend it with my hands.

I would suggest using the heaviest wire you can buy that you can still bend with your hands, this will ensure that the wings will support the weight of the feathers without deforming, but also that you can create the shape you like easily.

Remember that the smaller the number the thicker the wire.
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I see! Yeah, I'm opting for wire gauges that are below 10. ^^

Thank you!
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You were at Otakon, weren'tt you? >w>
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Who may i ask is the intended cosplay?
I was thinking pricess AI.....?
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