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Wow, I've not been here for so long...
I cleaned up my devwatch list and uploaded a couple pics. I haven't been doing much this year, work killed me. >o<
Expect more DJ Ozma fanart soon! XD (and maybe some Kishidan and Heroes too...)
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The search engine is working! Only if you go there, beta version:…
So I typed in "Kishidan" (yeah, just a very random word to try it for the first time).
I knew almost all the results and who did them. XD XD
I'm going now to explore the ones I don't know. *o*
Search engine = way more time wasted here on DA. :heart:

Subscribed at last!

Thu Jun 23, 2005, 6:23 AM
~~~~ Yoroshiku Megadoggu ! ~~~~

At last, I get this one week subscription thingy! Yay! I'm going to play with it and see if it's worth it (not that I have any money to spend on such a gadget anyway).
(yeah, I know I should finish my drawings instead of wasting my time on the net...)

~~~~ Wan Wan ! ~~~~<b>
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I reached the 500 hits yesterday, yay! ^o^/
As no-one claimed being my 500th visitor, I have no kiriban to draw. ^o^;
Now, anyone who gets a pretty number can ask for a kiriban. (by pretty I mean 555, 666, 1000, 1234, etc... well, whatever looks good)

I've got a few works in progress, but these days it seems I can't do anything good. T_T But that means I have time to browse a lot of galleries and that's cool! *builds a very long watchlist*
More than 300 pageviews already! *o* Thank you everyone! ^____^

I think I should offer kiribans now... So... the next one will be 333, then 500, then... we'll see, it'll be in a long time! ^.^;