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hey gang, I've been over at Instagram lately, posting daily sketches, junk food, life things, and nonsense, please visit instagram.com/duss005 to find me! be well,- dustin
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oh crap, thank you all for the warmest birthday wishes! i havent checked in a while, and i forgot dA somehow has my birthday public ( when no other social site does..hmm :)
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i havent posted here in a while, but i really dont know where else to talk about this. I met francis001
on deviant art years ago, we bonded over our love of the arts, and once in a while, cars.

Life, over time took me away from here, but we kept in touch over facebook, eventually, again, family and day to day life obligations took me away from that as well and i fell out of touch with Francis, but i knew his condition had progressed further. One time we chatted briefly over facebook, and i knew he was typing using his eye movement. i did not know if i wanted to put a strain on him more than he already had, but i knew Francis was not the type that would let something like that keep him from living. even if it was just keeping in touch with friends. I now feel very regretful, for letting work get in the way of keeping the company of friends.

He was.. insanely talented. Looking at the quality of the work he's done, it's easy to say he's reached a level of skill in his short lived life, that many of us would require a lifetime to achieve. I respected him greatly, over the years, i looked forward to any comments i could get on my artwork from him, it was immensely flattering to have such an artist comment on your work, even if it was just a quick " COOL!" on your page.

Francis was not just an amazing artist driven by his love of drawing, but he was an amazing person altogether. Any lesser artist would probably have given up after falling into such a disease, say " fuck it", maybe just sit around, get bitter and complain a lot. not Francis, he drew until the end, and he loved it.

Francis was ALWAYS upbeat anytime i heard from him, when he couldnt draw with his hands anymore, he learned to draw with his feet, when his feet were no longer was responsive, he trained himself to draw digitally using his eye movement.

i apologize if this entry is sparse, out of order, and just disorganized ramblings. I just found out less than an hour ago that Francis has passed away, and my heart is still heavy with grief. If you've no idea what i am tlakign about, or who, it's okay. please visit this link to find out more kotaku.com/rip-francis-tsai-16… I shoudl probably have waited until morning, maybe afternoon to gather my thoughts and type up a better entry. but hey, fuck it. why wait for anything. Life's too short to sleep on it.

rest in peace Francis.

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super duper thanks to AngelTovar for kicking me a subscription! i still wont change my screen name though haha! Thanks a bunch buddy, keep on rockin!
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check out the first preview pages to myself and Jeff Lemire's new book #Descender, coming out in March 2015! - duss005.tumblr.com/
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