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hey gang, I've been over at Instagram lately, posting daily sketches, junk food, life things, and nonsense, please visit to find me! be well,- dustin
i havent posted here in a while, but i really dont know where else to talk about this. I met francis001
on deviant art years ago, we bonded over our love of the arts, and once in a while, cars.

Life, over time took me away from here, but we kept in touch over facebook, eventually, again, family and day to day life obligations took me away from that as well and i fell out of touch with Francis, but i knew his condition had progressed further. One time we chatted briefly over facebook, and i knew he was typing using his eye movement. i did not know if i wanted to put a strain on him more than he already had, but i knew Francis was not the type that would let something like that keep him from living. even if it was just keeping in touch with friends. I now feel very regretful, for letting work get in the way of keeping the company of friends.

He was.. insanely talented. Looking at the quality of the work he's done, it's easy to say he's reached a level of skill in his short lived life, that many of us would require a lifetime to achieve. I respected him greatly, over the years, i looked forward to any comments i could get on my artwork from him, it was immensely flattering to have such an artist comment on your work, even if it was just a quick " COOL!" on your page.

Francis was not just an amazing artist driven by his love of drawing, but he was an amazing person altogether. Any lesser artist would probably have given up after falling into such a disease, say " fuck it", maybe just sit around, get bitter and complain a lot. not Francis, he drew until the end, and he loved it.

Francis was ALWAYS upbeat anytime i heard from him, when he couldnt draw with his hands anymore, he learned to draw with his feet, when his feet were no longer was responsive, he trained himself to draw digitally using his eye movement.

i apologize if this entry is sparse, out of order, and just disorganized ramblings. I just found out less than an hour ago that Francis has passed away, and my heart is still heavy with grief. If you've no idea what i am tlakign about, or who, it's okay. please visit this link to find out more… I shoudl probably have waited until morning, maybe afternoon to gather my thoughts and type up a better entry. but hey, fuck it. why wait for anything. Life's too short to sleep on it.

rest in peace Francis.

super duper thanks to AngelTovar for kicking me a subscription! i still wont change my screen name though haha! Thanks a bunch buddy, keep on rockin!

I posted a final update on my Facebook about a month ago that I was deactivating it along with anything associated with Facebook. I dont think everyone saw the update, so i've been getting messages from some folks.

Many people asked if I had a bad experience on there, or was harnessed or something, but no, nothing that exciting. I simple just couldnt keep up. Between drawing and writing every waking minute I have and trying to manage my time with my kids, and just finding time to sleep, it became a task rather than fun.

I've never been good at social media, and with the increasing amount of workload, it became one more email to check in the morning, one more argument to side with, and one more contribution to be guilted into. It also opened up doors to people who do not know me at all ( or cared to), contacting me for reasons that shouldn’t involve me in the first place. Much like twitter, it makes you become too easily accessible to anyone and anything, at anytime.

Understand this is just me, and my socially incapable self, I'm not judging anyone else that uses these sites on the daily ( I have a twitter account to keep up with netflix). If I could live in a snowed in cabin in the woods and draw from there, I probably would. And yes, promoting is a very big important part of being a creator, and these methods are the way to go. At the moment, though, getting my best work out there is the most important thing, and i've found, for me, being online all day has been the most detrimental part of the process.

Of course i'll probably be back. For now, I can still be reached here on occasion, or if you already have my email, I can be contacted there. There's also my public email address over at and the best way might be my I have an Instagram linked to it as well.

As always, thanks for the continued support of visiting this page, this is probably the first social/community i joined, and its still one of my favorites. Really glad to see so many of my friends still on here, even though you've all changed your names : D

'til all are one.

checked my messages after months of being away and found screens full of Birthday wishes, thank you so much guys.. i totally got caught up with life and work and neglected my account. but you folks still bothered to check here. thank you :)

this new journal editor is also strange to me as well, it looks like you can do a lot more than type words like before.

thanks thanks!

Mon Jun 17, 2013, 4:08 AM

Hey guys, thanks for all the great birthday wishes, making me feel guilty for not updating and stuff. I've been away because of... well, life.  mostly due to an immense increase in deadlines ever since Batman: Lil Gotham went twice a month. I basically went from painting 10 pages a month, to 20 pages a month + other freelance gigs outside of comics.

I realize regular books are ALL 20 pages, but to put it in perspective- it went from just penciling about 20-30 pages a month ( JUST pencils) + a few painted covers, to penciling and then painting ( or as my buddy Tu likes to say " if you call that painting" ) and also, co-writing 20 pages a month. It's been very very straining on my life/schedule. That and the simple fact that my my kids have gotten to the age where they require more of my time than ever, makes it almsot impossible to get have any kind of breathing room in between deadlines and sleep. I've been on tumblr more than anything because its where i can just camera/phone some stuff and theres an app that lets me shoot it there. I've always liked to upload more finalized pieces to dA, i think the community here appreciates the whole.

in the next few weeks i'll try to get this page more up to date, i love the community here and have always appreciated the feedback. Thanks for still continuing to visit and giving the gallery a browse, i noticed a ton of my friends have changed their usernames as well.

alright,  time for bed.

thanks again for all the well wishes, reminding me in gettin OLD :D

now i HAVE to post more

Mon Apr 1, 2013, 2:31 PM

Just found out my one of my favorite editors, Ben Abernathy :iconben-abernathy: just joined deviantArt! the short history of us? he was the editor behind my FIRST project with DC back in 2000 even though i did not know it! When i landed the Wildcats Version 3.o, he took over as my editor and guided me thru the years- putting me on covers and allowing me to really try different things, explore design and try painting covers for monthly books.

Id' say without him taking the chance on me, i'd never have gotten this far in my career, and pushing the portfolio i have today with all the things i can provide. Editors like these are what the industry needs more of. Editors to guide talent and give them opportunities to better themselves, and in turn- hopefully introduce new things to the medium, not tell them what to do to just please the bigger man in charge. Our last project together was Justice League Beyond in which we worked together to develop a better way to create comics that are created to BE read digitally, not just scanned in old comics chopped up. Today, he's the Editorial Director at Madefire and kicking much ass. Really hoping to work with the man again soon.

if you got the time, please drop by his page :iconben-abernathy: and say hey for me yeah?

thanks party people.

Hey everyone, WonderCon is this weekend in my backyard at the Anaheim Convention center! My horrible work schedule kept me from setting up in artist alley this year, but you can still catch me at one of the times below to get your books signed and headskectches.. sketched. I'm excited as this will be my first time in almost 8 years doing a convention where i'm NOT working :D
Means i can actually visit my artist pals, check out panels, and even walk the floor and discover new and exciting things. maybe!

Friday 3/29
Saturday 3/30
1-2pm SIGNING my favorite local art store is settin up at the show!
Art Supply Warehouse BOOTH 1247
( probably the best time/place to come get a free sketch)
Sunday 3/31
1-2pm PANEL (DC Entertainment All Access Room 300AB)


Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:49 PM

I wanted to thank the online community for helping spread the word of our Lil Gothams book last week. With the help of Tumblr,Twitter, Deviant Art, Facebook, and whatever other social network outlets there were, we were able to give the book the launch we needed to prove that a book like this can work. By Friday morning last week, just two days after we launched, Batman: Lil Gotham was on the top ten selling list of over 12 countries… , and was the top downloaded book from DC Digital. That's not a huge deal if you're any mainstream book, but for our title- i feel that's a huge step towards something that can be great.

So thank you everyone- from the casual readers, to the die hard core batman fans, anyone that's never given digital comics a chance until now, and anyone that's ever commented, mentioned, and supported my work. Your support is very, truly, appreciated.

Thank you,


anyone know of a deviant app or something for mobile uploading using android?
according to what it says on my dA title bar, this is my 6th year with deviant art- time freakin FLIES.

gettin ready for a HUGE announcement next week though :D kick off this holiday season RIGHT.
hey cousins, apologies for the slow response to the last journal, i've been swamped with catch up work and deadlines since the returning from SDCC last week. But available now is my 2012 sketchbook titled Twenty Twelve new sketchbook! by duss005 are available for order online, please follow the link to place your orders-…

thanks ahead of time everyone and have a wonderful summer!
man, i leave for a little bit, come back and everyone's got new avatars and names, its like meeting folks at a convention where you've no idea who they are until you see their work!
not a real update, but wanted to share my page on tumblr-

have a great one everybuddy :^D
so im trying to figure out this group thing, started my own-

join up, add, however you do it. and when you figure it out, let me know how!
alright, so this clip of Jimmy Fallon at San Diego Comic Con… hit the air like half a year ago. and as reclused and out of the loop as i am, i've JUST seen it.

i know, i am way behind the times.

anyway, the samples you see jimmy carrying around are actually drawn by none other than Marvel/DC/dA's very own Clayton Henry  :iconclayton-henry:! amazing as hell.

so- about 3 minutes in the video, Jimmy shows stan lee his samples in the skit. Stan Lee ask Jimmy " you want me to pretend i like it? it wont be easy, i'll do my best"- then he starts to pretend he likes it saying stuff like " this is SENSATIONAL! did you do this- this came out of your own MIND!??!"

okay. so this has me still laughing as i type this. In 2000, i was hired at Stan Lee Media (stan's company), and i believe i was one of the last few people who Stan Lee actually interviewed personally before it got really packed there and i think he got really busy.

on my interview/portfolio review. I remember Stans EXACT WORDS-


LOL! come ON! that shit's FUNNY!!! i love Stan, and this makes it even more of a novelty to have been around the man.
  • Watching: xfiles season 3
once more, i am up late watching Gargoyles rerun in loop because.. thats what i do. i love the show to death and it's the only animates series that beats out BTAS for me. what i cant buy, though-  is that no one could figure out "the HUNTER", this guy-

was really THIS guy in a mask-

i mean.. come on... thats borderline Superman/Clark Kent insanity.

"hmm.. it cant be that guy with the 3 slashes across his face.. thats TOO obvious"
please visit for now.

thank you.