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hunting trip

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Hello! I'm a great fan of your work, i'm using your art for my training.  Thanks you for Descender, 'lil Gotham, and all your beautiful works!! 
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jason the best jeje
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Carry on my Wayward son.  
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This made my day so much better :3 
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Fun stuff Dustin!
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Must.. resist... reference joke.....
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They're all so CUTE!! 😍😍
Oh, man. I don't want to malign Bruce, but I can kind of see the correlation in the A+ Parenting. You'd kind of have to round up on the Winchesters at this point, but just considering the number of times the kids (or wards, as the case may be) have died...
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There should be a movie just about the Robins. :D
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Hahahahahahaha! This must be the same line from Dean in Supernatural! :XD: I love that show! 

:heart: this along with the reference! 
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OMG Dustin! That would be the most epic road trip evveerrrr...
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What's the littlest robin got to worry about? It's not like his mom drugged his dad again so she could work on having siblings.
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SPN reference + Robins = so much squee!!!
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Let's make a party ! Yeah !! :D
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I loved the Lil Gotham comics!
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OMG this is so jkdsgfkdsgfvdjs CUTE
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hahaha omg I can see why
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