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Justice League Beyond 1

cover to the first issue, a new series co-written by myself and Derek Fridolfs :icondfridolfs: out next February , more details here- [link]
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Pretty cool, dig the styley and colours.
a-smile-a-day's avatar
i just saw the cover for #2, and it's pretty epic looking
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Awesome cover, really like the grays it really adds to the futuristic feel of everything, keep up the amazing work :D
meltendo's avatar
Great job! Amazing!
Carlson-art's avatar
I already loved this part of Batman Beyond, so I'll definetly read this one! Great job man!
Code-E's avatar
"The Call" episodes were 2 of my favorite in the series and I loved the new Justice League. I remember wanting to see more of them after watching the episode as a kid. This series is a God-send!
meatnerd's avatar
So it's like... Young Justice but old enough to take over the League?
HeroesFanboy138's avatar
Well, this is something I'm going to have to check out.

Just realized, I'll be reading all the Justice League titles except the regular Justice League. Wierd.
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Can't wait for this! So cool!!!!
The-whist-hound's avatar
Batman Beyond Unlimited? ... I so love you right now :D
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I knew you would revisit this universe. This looks really cool.
RedVigilante's avatar
love it!
and its freaking AWESOME!!!!!
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Nice i was wondering when this was coming back around
fantastic cover. Can't wait to read.
Silverskullguy's avatar
wonder-freakin-ful!! LOVE this book
Aldridge517's avatar
I always liked those guys. Especially the Green Lantern kid.
excited about this for you, looks great
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i always comment "awesome" on your posts, but really, there's no other way to describe your stuff!!
tmbell's avatar
Schway man, very schway.
lantern-kiaori's avatar
I'm looking forward to it!!
ashigaru's avatar
Excellent! Best of luck on the new series!
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