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stole from :icondarkheartstudios: because i'm a lame meme-steeler

How many OCs do you have?

Last time i counted it was like 156?? (need to recount)

Gender and Love

You have an OC that is...
(x) Male
(x) Female
() Intersex 
(x) Non-binary or genderqueer
() Genderfluid 
(x) Transgender 
(x) Heterosexual/Straight 
(x) Bisexual
(x) Homosexual/Gay
(x) Polysexual 
(x) Pansexual
(x) Asexual
(x) Demisexual 
(x) Aromantic 
(x) Polyamorous 
(x) Single 
(x) Dating 
(x) Engaged
(x) Married 
(x) Divorced 
(x) Widowed
() In a civil partnership 
() In an open relationship 
(x) In a poly relationship

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Race and ethnicity

You have an OC who is...
(x) Black 
(x) Caucasian
(x) Latina/o 
(x) Indian
(x) Asian
(x) Middle Eastern
(x) Native American 
(x) Pacific Islander
(x) Another race or ethnicity 
(x) A race or ethnicity or your own creation
(x) Multiracial 

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You have an OC that is...
() Christian 
() Jewish 
() Hindu
() Buddhist 
() Islamic
() Pagan or Wiccan
(x) Satanist/Luciferian (technically???)
() Another religion
(x) A religion of your own creation
() Agnostic 
() Atheist
(x) Pro-LGBTQA+ 
() Anti-LGBTQA+ 
() Pro-choice
() Pro-life

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Illnesses and disabilities 

You have an OC with...
(x) Cancer 
() Lupus
(x) Diabetes
() Crohn's
(x) Depression 
(x) Anxiety 
(x) Bi-polar disorder or bi-polar depression 
() Schizophrenia
(x) PTSD 
(x) Self-harming habits or tendencies 
() Alcoholism (or is a recovered alcoholic) 
() Drug addiction (or is a recovered addict) 
() Asperger's, Autism, or another form of ASD
() Down's Syndrome
(x) Infertility issues 
(x) Allergies 
(x) Insomnia
(x) A missing limb, multiple missing limbs, or prosthetics
(x) Blindness or a missing eye 
(x) Deafness 
(x) The inability to speak 
(x) Confinement to a wheelchair
(x) Paralysis
(x) Another illness or disability
(x) An illness or disability of your own creation 

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You have an OC from...
() North America 
() Central America
() South America 
() The Caribbean Islands
() Europe 
() The United Kingdom 
() The Middle East
() Africa
() Asia 
() Russia 
() India 
() Australia 
() New Zealand
() Antarctica
(x) Another dimension, realm, planet, or place of your own creation.

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Appearance and abilities

You have an OC with...
(x) Glasses 
(x) Freckles or visible birthmarks 
() Acne 
(x) Scars or burns 
() Missing, crooked teeth or a gap 
(x) Fangs 
(x) Wings and/or horns 
(x) A tail or tails 
() Fins or gills 
(x) Magickal powers or supernatural abilities

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Add up your total and that is your % out of 100:  60/100
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