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Topaz Scorched Phantom- The Ice Dragon

By DuskyLeon
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Full Name: Topaz Scorched Phantom

Pronunciation: N/A

Nickname: M/A

Actual Age: 25

Birthday: TBD

Species: Ice Dragon

Ethnicity: Irish

Gender: Male

Allergies: N/A

Sexual Preference: Gay

Occupation: Husband to Obsidian

Relationship Status: Married to Obsidian Nightmare Phantom


Hair Color: A very light blue

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5'7

Clothing Style: Typically in something very fluffy and used for winter

Jewelry: His wedding ring

Body Type: Tall and bulky

Default Expression: Smile

Posture: Usually laid back

Dominant Hand: Right

Voice: Soft and gentle


Likes: Snuggling with his husband, helping his husband out, taking care of their son, and trying to do the best for his son

Dislikes: That his son could turn on him, that his husband hates being blind, and that he may not get to have another child with Obsidian because of the risks

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Cold foods

Favorite Season: Winter

Least Favorite Food: Hot foods


Hobbies: Spending time with his husband and worrying over their son

Usual Mood: Happy

Dark Version of Self: N/A

Light Version of Self: N/A

Weakness For: Snuggles with Obsidian

Sleep Pattern: Average

Cleanliness: Average


Brief Biography and Personality 


    He was raised to be kind and accepting of everyone no matter what species, because there used to be a lot of discrimination of other species by dragons and he didn't want to repeat his ancestors actions.

    In his teens he meets Obsidian and they fall for each other and soon he is expecting Jasper and they are getting married and the come to learn that their son is going to be a dangerous hybrid.

    Now they are trying their best to care for Jasper while trying to figure out if more kids in the future would be a good idea since Jasper could be a threat and any other possible children between them could be a threat as well.


    He is a very happy person in general but once Jasper is born he becomes much more worried about everything since Jasper could turn on them at any moment. He is now very terrified that he will have to end his son's life if he losses control of himself and becomes a threat to others.

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