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Obsidian Nightmare Phantom- The Shy Nightmare

By DuskyLeon
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Full Name: Obsidian Nightmare Phantom

Pronunciation: N/A

Nickname: N/A

Actual Age: 25

Birthday: TBD

Species: Nightmare/Part Dragon

Ethnicity: German

Gender: Male

Allergies: N/A

Sexual Preference: Gay

Occupation: Husband of Topaz

Relationship Status: Married to Topaz Scorched Phantom


Hair Color: Light red

Eye Color: Grey (a very dull blue like his father's)

Height: 5'9

Clothing Style: Simple and basic

Jewelry: His wedding ring

Body Type: Tall and bulky like his father

Default Expression: Frown

Posture: Stern at times

Dominant Hand: Right

Voice: Deep and husky like his father's


Likes: Spending time with his husband, and haunting people's nightmares

Dislikes: His son being a hybrid, that his son could turn on him, and that he's blind

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Food: Chinese food

Favorite Season: Summer

Least Favorite Food: Fast food


Hobbies: He enjoys a book when he has time to read it since it takes time to read braille and worrying over his half-breed son Jasper

Usual Mood: Worrying over his son

Dark Version of Self: N/A

Light Version of Self: N/A

Weakness For: How warm Topaz's fluff can be

Sleep Pattern: Average

Cleanliness: Average


Brief Biography and Personality 


    He was raised with lots of love by both Ebony and Ivory who did their best despite his hatred towards the fact he was born blind.

    In his teens is when he meets his future husband Topaz and they hit it off very well, so well infact that not long into their relationship Jasper is born. Now they are just trying to do what's best for their son who has lots of issues due to being a hybrid, and trying to figure out if their dream of having more children is such a good idea.


    He is very soft spoken and shy, he isn't really one to be the one leading a conversation, but he isn't afraid to take lead of one someone else has started.

    He fears greatly for the health and well being of his son since he's only heard nightmare stories about nightmare hybrids likes his son. He doesn't have it in him to do what must be done is his soon ever becomes a threat to others... he is ashamed of this and wishes he was brave enough to do it so that way Topaz isn't forced to if it ever happens.

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