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Napaesus Technical Embers aka Tech- The Shy Satyr

By DuskyLeon
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My goat babu finally getting the ref he deserves!!

Full Name: Napaesus Technical Embers

Pronunciation: [Nay-fay-see-us]

Nickname: Tech (he gets called this more often this his birth name)

Actual Age: 30


Species: Satyr

Ethnicity: Irish

Gender: Male

Allergies: N/A

Sexual Preference: Gay

Occupation: Owner of his shop Tech's Mechanics and Repairs

Relationship Status: Married to Chi Technical Embers


Hair Color: Green

Eye Color: White (right), Pink (left)

Height: 6'0

Clothing Style: Just a shirt (all ages, he can't wear pants or shoes for obvious reason)

Jewelry: His wedding ring (he is very shy about talking about it)

Body Type: Lean and tall

Default Expression: Smiling

Posture: Doofy but average

Dominant Hand: Right

Voice: Can be a bit high at times


Likes: Bleating when happy, when Chi calls him "daddy" or when Chi calls himself "daddy", making Chi feel loved, and sleeping in

Dislikes: Talking about his past relationship with Xeschin, talking about Chi's scars, remembering what Yami did to Chi, remembering how shitty he treated Chi in the past, and his drinking habit he's trying to kick

Favorite Color: Blue, and yellow

Favorite Food: When Chi cooks for him

Favorite Season: Winter

Least Favorite Food: Stuff he makes himself


Hobbies: Reading in his spare time, watching Chi work, teasing Chi, grooming his goatee, and star gazing when he can

Usual Mood: Happy, and smiling if not shy

Dark Version of Self: Drinks a lot, hides his feelings for shy, shuts himself in his room, won't even talk to Chi at all

Light Version of Self: Excited, and bleating happily

Weakness For: Chi calling him "daddy" or being called "daddy" by Chi (although he will never admit to it), and Chi's smirk

Sleep Pattern: Pretty average

Cleanliness: He's slightly OCD


    • Father- Valiant Auburn Embers (deceased)

    • Mother- Valkyrie Ludenburg Embers (deceased)

    • Oldest Son- Ze'ev Wolf Dolan (Mother is Xeschin)

    • Second Oldest Son- Asriel Technical Dolan (Mother is Chi)

    • Daughter- Autumn Moonlit Embers (Mother is Chi)

    • Son in Law- Zenith Shadow Embers (Husband to Asriel)

    • Granddaughter- Harmony Ivory Embers

    Brief Biography and Personality 


        He grew up in a herd led by his father and mother, he didn't know much about the rest of the world when he was very young.

        In his teens he picks up his part building talent before he get captured by the Dolan family and put in charge of carring for Xeschin and they fall inlove and end up having Ze'ev as he works towards getting his own shop that he can use to make and sell his parts.

        After the shop is open he becomes a very respected and well known name in "New York" and all over, but the work becomes to much so he decides to hire someone to make the parts and that's how he meets Chi and slowly starts to fall for hi. Not long after he hires Chi he divorces Xeschin and pushes Chi away on Yami unaware of what happens to Chi during that time, he feels greatly responsible for the explosion once it happens because it was meant for him. He doesn't expect Chi to fall for Wolf but let's him be with Wolf as he develops a drinking habit, but after a few years Chi comes back to him and during a drunk one night stand he confesses to Chi about everything and after that they become official and find out Chi is expecting their son Asriel. After a few years they have Autumn and after a miscarriage he gets a vasectomy not wanting to risk Chi's life again.


        He is very shy and mostly stays to himself to hide the fact he's mildly depressed. 
        He is a friendly soul and hides his feelings for Chi for many years before they finally get together and he smothers Chi in love.

        Once him and Chi are finally together he warms up a bit more but he is still very shy but he is trying his very best to work his way out of that shyness.


      • He got a major glow-up

      • His relationship with Xeschin still happens but they break it off since Napaesus falls out of love with him and inlove with Chi

      • He makes different kind of bleating noises depending on his mood (Chi lives for them but attempts to hide it and fail)

      • Ze'ev still happens and he actually gets along well with his half siblings

      • Him and Chi were a crack ship turned canon and I regret nothing

      • I call him Tech 110% of the time instead of Napaesus

      • He lives for Chi's daddy kink (although he will never tell another living soul about this, even Chi, but Chi knows)

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