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Jasper Scorched Phantom- The Dragon Nightmare

By DuskyLeon
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Full Name: Jasper Scorched Phantom

Pronunciation: N/A

Nickname: N/A

Actual Age: 23

Birthday: TBD

Species: Nightmare Dragon

Ethnicity: Irish/German

Gender: Genderfluid (born Male)

Allergies: N/A

Sexual Preference: Greysexual

Occupation: Nightmare Maker

Relationship Status: Married to Jade Peridot Phantom


Hair Color: A very light red

Eye Color: Light blue

Height: 5'7

Clothing Style: Typically in something emo despite what gender he's feeling like that day

Jewelry: His wedding ring

Body Type: Lanky but built

Default Expression: Smile

Posture: Usually cocky

Dominant Hand: Right

Voice: It can be soft and gentle or rough


Likes: When Jade does his makeup, doing Jade's makeup, flaunting his looks when someone things he looks disgusting just to piss them off, getting into "playful" fights with Jade when they feel like the same gender to see who will take care of who, and spoiling his daughter rotten

Dislikes: That he wasn't very confident in being himself as a kid, that his parents are so overprotective, and that for a long time his family was afraid of him

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Food: Hot foods

Favorite Season: Summer

Least Favorite Food: Cold foods


Hobbies: Dressing up

Usual Mood: Happy and cocky as fuck

Dark Version of Self: N/A

Light Version of Self: N/A

Weakness For: When Jade does his makeup, and doing Jade's makeup

Sleep Pattern: Average

Cleanliness: Average


Brief Biography and Personality 


    He was born to his fathers and very much loved by them both despite being a hybrid. For a very long time his parents worry that he might snap and turn on them, but he never does them both since they were fully prepared for the worst outcome.

    Once he's older and moved out he plays around and finds that at times he feels more like himself when he dresses and presents as a girl some days and male other days. He eventually meets his wife Jade who is genderfluid much like him and they click instantly and not long into their relationship they end up married and have a daughter Garnet that they spoil rotten.


    He has always been an emo boy he just presents it more as he grows up, but despite that he is a very friendly person and loves to meet new people and make friends.

    He doesn't care how others see him, only how his parents see him, his wife, and himself.

    He isn't really sensitive about people making fun of how he looks, he just scoffs and makes a point to flaunt his looks infront of them.

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