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Ivory Shadow Phantom- The True Nightmare

By DuskyLeon
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Full Name: Ivory Shadow Phantom

Pronunciation: N/A

Nickname: N/A

Actual Age: 36

Birthday: TBD

Species: Nightmare/Dragon

Ethnicity: German

Gender: Male

Allergies: N/A

Sexual Preference: Straight

Occupation: Husband of Ebony

Relationship Status: Married to Ebony Ivory Phantom


Hair Color: Light blue

Eye Color: Grey (a very dulled blue to show his blindness)

Height: 6'0

Clothing Style: Always something like a gothic suit

Jewelry: His wedding ring

Body Type: Tall and bulky

Default Expression: Smile

Posture: Stern and proud

Dominant Hand: Right

Voice: Deep and husky


Likes: Spending time with his wife, dressing in a suit, making his wife happy, and knowing his son grew up to not resent him

Dislikes: That he's blind, that his son turns out blind, and that his grandson may turn on his parents

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Sweet foods

Favorite Season: Winter

Least Favorite Food: Chinese food


Hobbies: He is fond of haunting dreams and making his family happy

Usual Mood: Happy

Dark Version of Self: N/A

Light Version of Self: N/A

Weakness For: His wife holding his hand

Sleep Pattern: Average

Cleanliness: Average


Brief Biography and Personality 


    He was born to a nightmare and dragon father and a nightmare mother making him a hybrid, due to this he was born completely blind. But he doesn't let his blindness stop him from bringing fear to others in their nightmares or stop him from meeting his future wife Ebony.

    They hit it off well and before he knows it he's getting married to her and they're expecting a baby boy who is unfortunately born blind. But he doesn't let his soon feel like he's ever alone and gives him all the courage he will ever need.


    He is a bright and cheerful fellow, mostly due to the fact he refuses to let anything get his spirits down.

    While he likes haunting dreams and such he longs to see the terrified faces of the people he's scarring, something he will never have.

    He is not fond of talking about his blindness and would much prefer if the issue was never addressed since it's a very touchy subject for him.

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