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Idox and Mason's Wedding

By DuskyLeon
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Mason was the one who proposed and pushed for them to get married but was a complete wreck the entire time they were getting married
Idox on the other hand was apprehensive about getting married, he didn't really see why they should get married, hadn't he shown Mason enough times that he loves him without them being married? He handled the marriage fairly well though and made sure Mason didn't feel bad for suggesting the whole thing in the first place
It was a very emotional day for the both of them since Idox reveled something to Mason that he hadn't known about and it was the whole reason why he wasn't sure if the wedding was a good idea.... 

Mason took a deep breath before starting "I just feel so terrible for convincing you to go through with this when you seemed so reluctant and i'm sorry, I vow to be by your side as long as fate permits me to be and I vow to never make you do something like this again, I just wanted it so badly,  I wanted to whole world to be able to see my eternal link to you, heart body and soul, I Mason Von Duskfeather want nothing else in this world than you Idox Lumina Iridescent" he vowed tearing up and blushing. Idox teared up a bit before beginning "Mason..." his voice faltered a little when saying his mate's name, he just couldn't believe they were doing this, and there was that other thing that he needed to tell him... "I know I didn't want this at first but seeing how excited you got at the idea eventually made me cave for it, you didn't push me into it i've found that I want this as much as you do... I Idox Lumina Iredescent will be taking on your last name and promise you that no matter what i'll always be by your side even in death, and there's something I need to tell you... something I found out about the day you proposed..." he says. He swallowed thickly hoping Mason would take this well "I'm expecting..." he said before he could back out of it and Mason's face went instantly to shock as he blushed harder thinking back to when they slept together and he almost wanted to pass out, he slumped and Idox caught him worried he hadn't taken it well, "You don't want the child do you..?" he asks terrified. At that Mason snapped back up and cupped Idox's face in his hands staring into his eye directly "Idie are you mad? Of course I want this child!" he was practically beaming from how much he was smiling and he laughed a bit and kissed Idox wrapping his arms around him as the crowd cheered and when he pulled back he noticed the tears that Idox had shed and he wiped them away smiling brightly. "We talked about having a child if you remember but we weren't sure if either of us could conceive or produce a child, but this is proof that atleast you can conceive and I can father it, and if you can surely I can to!" he says excited and Idox just blushed and stayed silent worrying Mason. "Aren't you happy?" he asks worried and Idox couldn't help but break out into a fit of laughter at Mason as he gently placed a hand to his stomach "I want to name it Marcus if it's a boy" he says and Mason looks at him surprised again before he hugged Idox tightly crying more and Idox chuckled taking that as Mason liking that idea, Marcus had been Mason's father's name, he'd died alongside Mason's mother long after Mason was old enough to be on his own but he still loved them deeply. Mason pulled away and they just looked at each other as Idox gently took Mason's chin in his hand and kissed him softly, he'd remember this day forever and he was glad he let Mason con him into it, he understood just why he wanted it so much now and he'd remember it for as long as he lived, "because nothing describes just how much you mean to me".

It's been quiet some time since I did a story piece for a picture, I know it's just a Rinmaru one but I figured I would share a little story bit of their wedding since it was a day that changed their lives forever.
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