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Ebony Ivory Phantom- The Cosplaying Nightmare

By DuskyLeon
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Full Name: Ebony Ivory Phantom

Pronunciation: N/A

Nickname: N/A

Actual Age: 36

Birthday: TBD

Species: Nightmare

Ethnicity: German

Gender: Female

Allergies: N/A

Sexual Preference: Straight

Occupation: Wife of Ivory

Relationship Status: Married to Ivory Shadow Phantom


Hair Color: Light purple

Eye Color: Red

Height: 5'2

Clothing Style: Typically always in a gothic dress or something gothic

Jewelry: Her wedding ring

Body Type: Thick and curvy

Default Expression: Smile

Posture: Usually sassy

Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous

Voice: Soft but can have a hard edge


Likes: Spending time with her husband, letting him know that she isn't afraid of him, and haunting people's nightmares

Dislikes: That her grandson is a hybrid who could turn on his parents at any moment, watching her husband and her son worry over her grandson, and being asked what size cup she is

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Food: Apple pie

Favorite Season: Winter

Least Favorite Food: Fast food


Hobbies: Haunting people's nightmares, making her husband feel loved, and taking care of her son

Usual Mood: Happy

Dark Version of Self: N/A

Light Version of Self: N/A

Weakness For: Snuggles with Ivory

Sleep Pattern: Average

Cleanliness: Average


Brief Biography and Personality 


    She was born to nightmare parents and came to love gothic styled clothes so in her older years she'd always wear gothic clothes.

    She meet Ivory during a visit to the mall to get her some new clothes and they hit it off well as she helped him pick out some clothes and learned that he's blind. They date for a long time before she popped the question to him and he said yes, but it was only after she proved she isn't afraid of him.

    A few years later they have their son Obsidian and soon they learn that he is blind like his father and they do their best to raise him and fully support his relationship with Topaz when they start dating. But they are a bit worried when they have a son of their own and as he grows he shows obvious signs of being a hybrid and they worry that they might have to take their grandson out if he ever losses himself.


    She is a very outgoing person and loves to make friends with people when she's not terrifying the shit out of people in their nightmares.

    She is a huge fan of making people's nightmares the most terrifying thing ever since she gets a kick out of terrifying people and seeing them afraid. Despite all of that she doesn't have a very high opinion of herself so she hides that behind her very bubbly and open personality so people won't worry about her. It's something that she manages to keep secret her whole entire life.

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