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Autumn Dusk McLaughlin- The Ultimate Painter

By DuskyLeon
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Welp say hi to DR me I guess lol
Anything like {this} is her in "Dope" mode!

Full Name: Autumn Dusk McLaughlin

Pronunciation: [Mic-lough-lin]

Nickname: Leafy

Actual Age: 19

Birthday: May 25- Gemini

Species: Human

Ethnicity: American- both of her parents are American

Gender: Female

Allergies: Shrimp

Sexual Preference: Panromantic Demisexual

Talent: Ultimate Painter

Relationship Status: Single


Hair Color: Pink and purple {it fades from a light pink to a darker one as it goes down, same with purple}

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 4'11

Clothing Style: Simple t-shirt, pants and boots {tanktop, low riding t-shirt, pants and boots}

Jewelry: N/A {Rose hair clip with a rosary, bead necklace with 3 crystals}

Body Type: Short and curvy

Default Expression: Smile {scowl}

Posture: Friendly and inviting {absolute bitch}

Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous but mostly right handed 

Voice: Gentle and calm {hysterical and rough}


Likes: Sunsets, pastel purple, stars, cats (she owns a few), painting out her feelings, a good book, puns (especially terrible ones), and lavender scent {Painting with blood, cats, her knives, painting who to destroy, plotting despair, and being a bitch}

Dislikes: Dark colors, sunrises, and large groups of people {Bright colors, people in general, helping people}

Favorite Color: Purple {Red}

Favorite Food: Chicken {About anything}

Favorite Season: Autumn [make all your stupid jokes now]

Least Favorite Food: Shrimp


Hobbies: Painting cute things, painting people she’s meet to remember them, reading in her spare time, and caring for her cats {Painting people she has meet so she knows who is friend/foe, generally causing despair, hurting others, and watching others suffer}

Usual Mood: 

Dark Version of Self: 

Light Version of Self: 

Weakness For: Sweets

Sleep Pattern: Average 

Cleanliness: OCD af


    • Mother - Sakura McLaughlin

    • Father - Sean McLaughlin

    • Oldest Brother- Frost McLaughlin

    • Older Brother- Mark McLaughlin

    • Younger Half Sister- </span>Amber Fairwood [Different dad]

    • Younger Half Sister's Dad- </span>William Fairwood

    Brief Biography and Personality 


        She comes from nowhere in particular since she's been bounced around from place to place due to her odd quirks, and the fact that she seemed to be holding back a lot of repressed feelings and they would sometimes come to surface in violent ways. She is well aware of this and has preferred to stay mostly away from people by staying in her home mostly and keeping her friend group incredibly small as she doesn't very much like crowds. She does however spend loads amount of time just sitting in the park and watching the sunsets and looking at the stars as she paints things that are usually super pretty but sometimes dark. Although when she discovered Hope’s Peak she figured it would be a good way to improve upon her talents some more and it came down to the fact that she was really good at painting that it become her ultimate.


        She is generally a sweet and innocent person who tries to go out of her way to help her friends once she’s made them and she can be a bit of a spitfire at times when she needs to be and won’t take anyone’s crap if given the motivation. 

        She is however socially awkward and tends to shy into herself a lot and barely tries to approach people she hardly knows due to this, it’s also why she prefers to keep her friends list really small but is ok with having others as long as they’re not all together at once.

        She is emotionally weak as well so it’s super easy to beat her down and make her feel less like a human and more like a walking doormat who will hardly try and fight back for herself without motivation to do so by others.

        The same cannot be said for when she swaps, she much rather butt into others business and start up a fight because she wants them all to despair and she does it because she considers it fun although she knows it is very moral wrong in the back of her mind she still does it for the satisfaction is gives her.

        She is still emotionally weak in this form but it only shows when you start to be nice to her and show her that despite her being so awful you care about her and she can’t handle that very well and it will cause her to go back.

        Despite being despair driven in this form though she does seem to contradict herself quite often and says stuff that doesn’t exactly sound like someone who’s completely in love with despair and it it almost sounds as if she’s hopeful. Although she’ll never be one to admit to acting as such and brush it off as if you’re lying and just saying that just to get her turn back to normal.


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