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Altor Steel Dragonheart- The Knight Dragon

By DuskyLeon
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This boy finally got a glow-up!
I also changed his wings to something that made more sense

Full Name: Altor Steel Dragonheart

Pronunciation: [Al-tore]

Nickname: Alty (only for his wife)

Actual Age: 30

Birthday: TBD

Species: Fire Dragon

Ethnicity: Thai

Gender: Male

Allergies: N/A

Sexual Preference: Straight

Occupation: Knight in the queen's army

Relationship Status: Married to Serendipity Hope Dragonheart


Hair Color: Brown with a light blue streak

Eye Color: Light blue (right), Green (left)

Height: 5'8

Clothing Style: 

Jewelry: His wedding ring

Body Type: Buff and tall

Default Expression: Smiling

Posture: Usually relaxed

Dominant Hand: Left

Voice: Rough but can be soft at times


Likes: Spending time with his wife, his children, watching his children grow, protecting his family, that his wife isn't bothered by his missing limbs, and letting his wife do all the talking

Dislikes: Killing people, being reminded how he lost his limbs, his nightmares, and feeling guilty for doing his job

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Anything his wife cooks

Favorite Season: Winter

Least Favorite Food: He isn't really picky


Hobbies: He isn't really a man who has hobbies

Usual Mood: Happy

Dark Version of Self: N/A

Light Version of Self: M/A

Weakness For: Coffee in the morning

Sleep Pattern: Average unless he has a nightmare

Cleanliness: Average


    • Daughter- Anastasia Biolume Dragonheart

    • Daughter- Zanthea Rune Dragonheart

    • Son- Pendragon Paradox Dragonheart

    Brief Biography and Personality 


        He grew up without a father and only his mother, he joined the queen's royal guard at a very young age and paid dearly for it by the loss of his left leg, most of his right leg and the end of his tail.

        But after meeting the youngest daughter of the queen he refuses to drop out wanting to protect her and ends up lossing his wings and his right arm before he finally gets to marry his wife Serendipity and they have their triplets.


        He isn't really the talkative type, he leaves most of the talking to his wife since she loves to talk to others and he doesn't mind her talking for him.

        He doesn't really have a harmful bone in his body and due to such when he killed in the wars he's been through he prayed to their gods for their souls to be safe since each kill filled him with guilt.

    • He was originally going to be disfigured but I like the idea of him lossing his limbs to war more than that
    • His wings used to full metal but I changed the webbing to cloth stitched together since it made more sense for it to be like that than the metal since the cloth is able to be moved and hte metal can't
    • His hair used to turn black at the ends but I changed it
    • </u>
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    I REALLY LOVE THIS! PLSS KEEP IT UP ^^ :iconcraiplz: :iconteyuplz:
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    hhh thanks, i'll try