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Name/Username: DuskTwilena
Rank: A

1 Mothcat Owned By Shinycation-d9dz1vg by DuskTwilenaCancer Fundraiser   Elfstone By Shinycation-d9fyx7 by DuskTwilenaTurkey Run 2015 Participant By Shinycation-d9h4coy by DuskTwilena2015 Snow Wars Participant By Shinycation-d9nr7bi by DuskTwilena5 Mothcats Owned By Shinycation-d9dz1ve by DuskTwilena

Mothcats Owned: 

Quil ID card NEW by DuskTwilena

Niva id card NEW by DuskTwilena

Chrysa ID card NEW by DuskTwilena

Seelie ID card by DuskTwilena

Ad ID card NEW by DuskTwilena

Subspecies Owned: 

Bank Balance:
 | 3  | 0 

Inventory: (Can be separated by category or placed altogether.)
-1 Rare MYO Slot
-String (x1)
-Silk (x2)
-Wooden Strung Beads (x1)
-Feather (x2)
-Black Dye (x1)
-Empty Bottle (x1)
-Snow Wars Team Padmeow scarf
-1 Inn Token
-Mothscouts sash (x5)

Mothcats and all subspecies are a closed species by floramisa
You CANNOT make your own
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