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Vector Commissions!
Hi there! If you are interested i do Character Reference commissions such as the ones above, Give me a reference or an idea and i can try to bring your character to life!

I do not accept Points as payment and I will take commissions when i feel like it, Still best to ask me and i hold the right to deny your commission due to my own RL Constraints or if it's a concept i do not wish to do.

(Note: I do not begin work until i'm paid)

Base Vector Price = 15$

(Additional Fees may include)

Cutie Mark = 5$
Clothes = 5$-15$ Depending on difficulty
Changelings, Diamond Dogs, Griffons or anything else (At your own risk for some) = 10$
Different/Specific poses = 5-15$ Depends on what you want and how difficult/time consuming

(Note: I don't really stop taking commissions unless i take too many that i can handle, Or if i turn down some commissions, I usually prefer to make a reference for horses usually.)
This is to the guy that is pretending to be me on Pony squares (Which i don't even visit RP sites and make characters on them cause i don't have time for that.)

This person is called "Dusk Rhime." People that know me and my characters know that it's "Dusk Rhine." 

Just look at Derpibooru and type in OC and Dusk Rhine I mean if you were gonna steal my character, Okay. But don't pretend to be me on DA (You could ask you know as well, I'm rather chill about it so long as you credit me and ask me.)

So currently i am "Duskthebatpack." cause i always go by that name usually. There you go, Proof.


DuskTheBatPack's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
My name is Dusk The Bat Pack and i'm a nervous person that was set up on this account by a certain person. I do everything in illustrator and i dabbled a bit in Photoshop i hope to increase my skills in both programs and eventually branch out from other things, atm i draw ponies lots of ponies mostly bat-ponies but still all kinds of ponies :D… Steam profile

[Btw i'm not that great at socializing with new people so just a heads up]

If you want to add me on Steam just send me a note or click the link above, i mostly hang out on there constantly

(Commissions and Rules)
1. Although i take commissions, I will choose whether to accept your commission or not.
2. I do not do Requests
3. I do not accept Point's for currency, Cash only
4. Basic Vector's at 15$ my gallery is full of these examples and i require references, building a character from scratch will have a price increase, Clothing and Cutiemarks are extra costs that will be determined by complexity.

P.S. I don't do Art Trades or Requests


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