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The Unexpected Love Life of Dusk Shine

The Unexpected Love Life of Dusk Shine by xXAngeLuciferXx

The unexpected love life of Dusk Shine by AnibarutheCat…

Here's the link to the story made by our Co-Founder and Creator of the fic :iconzabrony:…

There's the link to the manga made by our co-founder xXAngeLuciferXx Avatar

This group is dedicated to the work of the fanfic and manga, The Unexpected Love Life of Dusk Shine. This group takes artwork and other things that reflect on that story and it's chacters.

These are things that we take:

:bulletpurple: We take sketches, digital art, vectors, and fanart of any kind
:bulletpurple: We take Dusk Shine with 5 of the mane 6 girls; Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy
:bulletpurple: We take Dusk Shine with minor characters as well, such as Trixie and Princess Luna
:bulletpurple: We take Ocs with characters as well
:bulletpurple: Crossovers with Dusk Shine and friends
:bulletpurple: Fanfics based on the story

Make sure that you send your submission to the right folder, so that we don't have to struggle to cancel and tell you.

Project Dusk Shine

Hey I'm Mithos, you may know me as the unlicensed successor to Meme. I took his abandoned work and I am trying my hardest to try and get new content out. I just want to put this out here as I cry, I HATE STARLIGHT GLIMMER. I have been a bit emotional lately, and I keep getting into arguments with my friends over the character they tell me to let go of my hate, I have tried.

Anyway I am writing a special called Episode of Starlight:A Glimmer of hope. This will be set in the TULLODSverse and will have my take on season 5's finale, and a prelude to season 6. I want to try and be as current as I can instead of being stuck at season 1.
I hate her but will write this set of chapters because I feel I have to, anyway I need a picture of evil starlight taunting Dusk.
Here is a another interview with Togashi and Kishimoto. This interview, they are talking about world building, how to properly introduce a world in a fictional story and using it to tell a story.…
So, as you people may not know, but there are manga artist that I have major respect for, and that is Yoshihiro Togashi and Masashi Kishimoto. Togashi who created YuYu Hakusho, Level E, and Hunter x Hunter. Kishimoto who created Naruto and is now supervising the monthly issue of Boruto.

So, if you guys read Shonen Jump magazine (Weekly Shonen Jump for those in Japan), there is an interview between the two for the second time. In this interview, they talk about their experiences being an artist in the weekly serialization industry or just being an artist in general. So, last week, they talked about the creative process of making characters. This week was about world building. I've read both those interviews and let me tell you, there was information that really helped me and stuff about the artist that I can really relate to.

If you guys are artists wanting to work in the manga business or just being an artist in general, you guys should go read on this interview. There also be another one next week.…
So my frenemy, :iconcrowneprince:, is hosting an online convention where any one who cannot go to Bronycon to host there own panel and have fun.

The schedule is right here:…

I'm actually hosting my own panel by taking commissions or doing art in general. For those who want to join, it is in the the schedule, but here is a link to my stream:

My panel will start at 7:00 pm (Central time), 8:00 pm (Eastern Daylight time), 5:00 pm (Pacific Daylight time), 9:00 am (Japan Standard time)

Hope to see you at the convention sometime today. You should check it out.
Okay so I am gonna be re-writing my first chapter and making a few plot changes a smidgen to differentiate it from Meme's story so I can get this on FIMfiction.

I will also be re-titling the series Dusk-Shine Neo(Or Dusk-Love-verse) and it will be uploaded on and hopefully FIMfiction as chapters within arcs not counting the episode of stories I will be doing which will be in the Episode of Special saga.

If anyone wants to say give me some notes or whatever for any changes they are free to.
Also Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer will be appearing alot sooner then in the MLP:FIM cannon
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The Comic-Dub!


The people that help contribute to the series and spread the fandom.


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In our group, we focus on the fandom of the famous harem comedy fanfic, the Unexpected Lovelife of Dusk Shine. This here can help make the fanfic a reality where people can post fanart here.
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