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Hi, may I joined the group?.
I hope it's okay I spread my group...
Here's the link to my group pinkiepieshipper.deviantart.co…

It's a group for Pinkie Pie x any characters (Meaning, Pinkie x Twilight, Pinkie x Dan and so on)
Feel free to join ^w^
Totally fine since Dusk is shipped with her. ;3
Infact she is a major love interest of Dusk's in my Dusk Shine fanfic series.
Anybrony wanna try and draw Dusk in an awkward situation with Zecora?
Or maybe Dusk dressed in 20-40's detective garb for Dusk-Noir?
Hey I'm going to redo the dusk shine covers but I'm going to take down the old ones. But I will be adding the new ones, just giving you a heads up