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Undertales work by duskpen Undertales work :iconduskpen:duskpen 2 0 Valentines greeting by duskpen Valentines greeting :iconduskpen:duskpen 1 0 yinyangPT1(WIP).jpg by duskpen yinyangPT1(WIP).jpg :iconduskpen:duskpen 0 0 JPEG_1431999176471_2090756588 by duskpen JPEG_1431999176471_2090756588 :iconduskpen:duskpen 1 0
At the ranch Part 4
David set Ina gently on the ground."Are you all right," The trainer asked. Ina nodded looking up at the young trainer. What had she seen? "Later." David told her. Turning back he saw the women coming out of the ruble scratched and bruised but not seriously hurt."I must say I'm impressed. You stopped Buffalants wild charge with minimum damage and minimum change," she said referring to the wall and David's right arm he held clutched.
"May lien Drain punch now!"Bothe The tirade member and her pokemon Jumped side ways barely avoiding the Kung fuu pokemon's attack. Ina's eyes widened May lien had appereared from thin air fist glowing."Bouffalant wild charge." Buffalant began glowing yellow with electricity and came charging at full speed. "Doge then jump kick," David called out to his fighting type. May lien jumped side ways then lanced a jump kick bouffalant missing by inches ran into a tree hurt and confused making it an easy taget. May lien's kick snapped it out of its confusion but left
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Try number two by duskpen Try number two :iconduskpen:duskpen 0 0 see what you see by duskpen see what you see :iconduskpen:duskpen 0 0 Wolf gentleman by duskpen Wolf gentleman :iconduskpen:duskpen 0 0
At the ranch part 2
David woke feeling as if a Conkeldurr had been using his had fore a drum. A door opens and closes making David wince. "Hey you're awake. I was getting worried" David turned his head and saw a girl around 5'4 walk in carrying a tray with some food.
"I hope you don't mind, I let your pokemon out for a bit."The girl told him. David saw she had dark purplish hair, wore a blue and white shirt with matching skirt, along with her glasses she looked like a librarian. But her face held a warm and kind feeling regardless of her appearance."IM Ina by the way," She told him cheerfully handing him a sandwich and taking one for herself.
"Sorry I don't have anything else we're running low at the moment. My friend went to get some supplies."David nodded taking a bite out of his sandwich. "It's fine; I'm David by the way nice to meet you Ina. So were did you say my pokemon were?" David asked her.
"Out side my friend Jenna and I own every thing for about a 5 six mile radius. Were breeders so we need a l
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at the poke farm
It was early in the afternoon and Ina Hawthorn was preparing lunch for the pokemon and herself. Jenna had been gone for several days now to pick up there much needed supplies as well as to meet up with an old friend.
Looking at the wall clock Ina saw that Jenna and Brady would be arriving in a couple of hours. The door to the kitchen swung open and in walked two of Ina's pokemon. One was a penguin just shorter than Ina's 5'4, appeared to have a trident stuck to its face, Ina's female empoleon Jadis. The other was dog like, with blue fur and two locks of hair coming down the side of her face Iris a glaceon."
Hwy guys mind helping take everyone's lunch outside," Ina asked. Both pokemon nodded and gave a small cry of agreement.
With some difficulty Jadis and Ina both brought out three one in either hand/flipper and one balancing wobbling on there head. Iris took one in her mouth another on her head without much trouble. Outside Leopold and Melissa were huddled together napping under one o
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At the farm prolog
'Run! Run have to escape' his brain told him. David had managed to evade team plasma and slip out of Unova undetected. Or so he had thought. Now they were hot on his heels.
Two figures appeared as if out of thin air. One was human the other was pokemon a Mienshao. The Man human was dressed in baggy black pants, and wore a sleeves shirt. His face was covered except for his eyes and silver hair which was tied back by a bandana. "Surrender and we shall not harm you, refuse and we wil be forced to take drastic action," the leader with Mineshao said evenly and plainly.
David took a step back planning on running but froze at the sound of moving brush. David turned and saw that2 more people dressed in black were behind him accompanied by a pokemon each. On was a women in here early twenty's dressed in black similar to the leader, and by her was a large bull like pokemon with an afro, Bouffalant. The other was a man also dressed in black and by his side was a pokemon with a snailshell shaped h
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Devin 'The gambler' Of the North by duskpen Devin 'The gambler' Of the North :iconduskpen:duskpen 0 0 Deven 'The gambler' Of the North by duskpen Deven 'The gambler' Of the North :iconduskpen:duskpen 0 0 fox sorceress of the east Kitsuneforusuto by duskpen fox sorceress of the east Kitsuneforusuto :iconduskpen:duskpen 0 0 Sorceress of the east by duskpen Sorceress of the east :iconduskpen:duskpen 0 0 Ao no tamash Of the west by duskpen Ao no tamash Of the west :iconduskpen:duskpen 0 0

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BPSS 15: The Movie part 3
Buff Pokemon, Short Story 15: The Movie
Part 5 Beginning
[Houndoomer and Chazard were made their way past the rocky mountains, and were in a semi-rocky forest. Houndoomer was standing atop a 30-foot pine tree. He was staring out west, to see a desert stretching far ahead past the forest]
Houndoomer:  . . .  [Slowly levitated down towards the ground]  (Nintales, I hope you're alright.)  [Houndoomer landed on the ground to find Chazard on the ground doing push-ups]  Uhh. . .
Chazard:  Yeah I, do this every once in a while when I'm out travelin'.
Houndoom:  You're jealous because of my buffness aren't you.
Charizard:  [Stood right up]  Shut up!
[All of a sudden, the ground around them began to shake as they were hearing the sounds of footsteps]
Chazard:  What the heil's that!?
[The footsteps slowly started getting louder and louder. Houndoomer and Chazard braced themselves as the bushes and
:iconhuman-robot:Human-robot 2 0
Just a Swallow 2 by Jaypat2 Just a Swallow 2 :iconjaypat2:Jaypat2 96 0 Danny Phantom Rebirth teaser by slifertheskydragon Danny Phantom Rebirth teaser :iconslifertheskydragon:slifertheskydragon 1,493 175 Yummy by ziude Yummy :iconziude:ziude 72 42


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Hey im back with good and bad news. Good news I got new stories to post, bad news my scanner broken and there will be no pictures for a while sorry.


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